Fans say ‘please take his phone off him’ as John Fury responds to KSI’s offer of ‘millions’ to fight Mike Tyson’s friend


BOXING fans have called for John Fury’s phone to be taken off him after he revealed his demands to fight Mike Tyson’s friend Joe Egan.

John – father to Tyson and Tommy Fury – once claimed to be the fittest man his age and challenged anyone to prove him otherwise.

John Fury responded to Joe Egan’s challenge

Irish heavyweight Egan – a former sparring partner of Tyson’s – recently offered to take up 59-year-old John’s offer and called for a fight.

That sparked interest from YouTuber-turned boxer KSI’s Misfits promotion who claimed an offer to stage the bout would be sent.

John has now addressed the challenge for the first time but insisted he will only come to the negotiation table once KSI pays up a previous £200,000 wager.

He said: “Okay Joe Egan, here’s where it’s at.

“You’re saying KSI is backing you for millions of pounds when he can’t pay me my 200 (thousand) that they owe me. But here’s one for you, mate.

“Tell that rat next to you, that pineapple wire me my money across that he owes me and once it’s in my account, then we might be able to do some business.

“But until I get my 200 nothing’s happening. But if I do get my 200 what he needs to do then is put an offer in writing to me what he is prepared to offer me to fight you.

“I’m not hard to do business with, mate. And at the end of the day, like you say you want to make a few quid and I will fight anybody if it makes business sense.


“So here’s what they’ve got to do, because I said I’d never do any more business with that rat, ever. But you’re there going on, on the internet making yourself busy, now it’s personal, Joe.

“Because at the end of the day, you better hope he does back you for millions because you’re gonna have to fight me anyway when you see me, ain’t you, for being disrespectful.

“Joe, you’re going to have to fight me when you see me. So let’s hope they can, so we can make a few quid out of it. Because when I see you, mate it’s coats off, telling you now.”

The threat did little to impress fans, as one said: “Please take his phone off him. Please.”

Another added: “All talk that bloke.”

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John bet KSI £200,000 that his son Tommy would stop him in their celebrity grudge match.

Tommy did walk away victorious but on points, meaning the wager was never paid.

John has recently been embroiled in a war of words with former super-middleweight champion Carl Froch amid criticism of son Tyson.

And last year he called out heavyweight legend Tyson but Iron Mike recently responded and challenged him to fight Egan instead.

KSI and Misfits Boxing are prepared to back me to the tune of millions pounds to make the fight between me and you.

Joe Egan to John Fury

Egan – a former amateur champion – mocked John’s string of social media callouts and instead told him to accept Misfits’ multimillion deal.

He said: “John Fury, why are you avoiding me? Saying there’s no money in fighting me.

“I’ve stepped up to the mark, John and accepted your challenge. You’re saying now there’s no money in fighting me.

“Well, I beg to differ, John. Because KSI and Misfits Boxing are prepared to back me to the tune of millions pounds to make the fight between me and you.

“You’re throwing out challenges to Mike Tyson, now to Carl Froch, who you gonna challenge next? Carl Frampton? Sylvester Stallone? Rocky Balboa?

“Step up to the mark John, to the challenge that’s in front of you. Don’t swerve me, John. Because I’m ready to fight.

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“You threw out the gauntlet, you threw out the challenge. Now I’m here, in front of you, John.

“And Misfits Boxing and KSI are backing me. Now fight me John.”

Joe EganMike Tyson with former sparring partner Joe Egan[/caption]

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