Fans beg ‘put the cuffs on me’ as glamorous police officer works as security at football match


A GLAMOROUS police officer had fans begging her to put the cuffs on them after working security at a football match.

Alexa Narvaez has become a viral sensation after shooting to fame on Instagram, where she has over 2MILLION followers.

Instagram @alexaaa_narvaezA glam police officer had fans begging her to put the cuffs on them[/caption]

Instagram @alexaaa_narvaezAlexa Narvaez has become a viral sensation online[/caption]

She regularly works at America de Cali games in Colombia.

And Alexa recently went viral as she celebrated a goal by the side of the pitch in her uniform.

She often posts videos on social media of her on guard at stadiums while wearing seemingly deliberately tight attire.

And in her latest post, she soaked in the atmosphere from an America de Cali and smiled to the camera.

She captioned the post: “LIVE AND LET LIVE ….. Life is so beautiful and deep to suffer for people other than you.”

Fans were quick to react as one said: “Put the cuffs on me.”

Another replied: “Let them arrest me.”

One put: “Beautiful.”

Alexa is a full-time cop but is no stranger to stripping down to sexy outfits to treat her followers when not on duty.

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And she recently hit back at social media trolls writing: “I love what I do.

“I love what I am today, I know that many people don’t know how will be the right word envy rage.. that gender them and worse even without knowing me.

“I know I’m a wonderful person.. with a brutal energy good company I’m a human being above all and I love to serve I’m passionate about what I do… today here tomorrow I don’t know and so I will continue to be an amazing human being… 8 Beautiful Years at this Beautiful Institution..”

@alexaaa_narvaezAlexa has over 2million Instagram followers[/caption]

@alexaaa_narvaezShe regularly works at America de Cali games in Colombia[/caption]

@alexaaa_narvaezBut when Alexa is not on duty she stuns on Instagram[/caption]

@alexaaa_narvaezShe is a full-time cop in Colombia[/caption]

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@alexaaa_narvaezAnd Alexa has been forced to fight back from online trolls[/caption]

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