Fans baffled as Martin Keown claims Arsenal fans left Brighton demolition at Emirates early because of TRANSPORT issues


FANS have been left baffled after Arsenal legend Martin Keown claimed supporters only left their thrashing by Brighton early due to poor transport infrastructure.

Sunday’s shock 3-0 home defeat to the Seagulls means Manchester City will be crowned champions if the Gunners lose their next game at Nottingham Forest on Saturday.

GettyFans have hit back at Martin Keown’s ‘excuse’ for Arsenal supporters leaving early[/caption]

Even if Arsenal win their two remaining games, City will still win the league if they win at home to Chelsea next Sunday.

But Gooners came under fire at the weekend as the Emirates emptied out way before the full-time whistle of their crushing setback.

However, one supporter called into talkSPORT to state that the “real” reason why fans left early was due to the travel chaos.

Ringing into the White and Jordan Show, Arsenal fan Mark said: “I’ve been going to the Emirates as a season-ticket holder for about ten years now, I have got to say, this year the atmosphere has been the best it has ever been.

“It has been a terribly toxic place over the last few years and with regard to the fans leaving early, that has nothing to do with the performance.

“It is an historic thing. Ever since we moved to the Emirates, we have gone from a 37,000-seat stadium to a 60,000 one but kept the same infrastructure.

“That is why, whether we are winning or losing, there comes that point before the game where there is always an exodus.

“So to say it is because we were getting well-beaten by Brighton is not the case.”


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Keown then rushed to the fan’s defence, with the former defender saying: “I am glad you made that point because if I make it, it seems churlish and that I am making excuses.

“But geographically where that ground sits, if you don’t leave early, some people leave ten minutes before the game.

“That might mean, Jim, that they wait until the end of the match you get home two hours later.”

Jim White replied: “Well, tough, that’s their choice. Every football fan in the country is like that.”

That led to Keown responding: “Of course, you like to get there early. Not everyone is as privileged as you and lives in central London, so you can stay there as long as you like.”

However, after the clip was shared on Twitter, a host of supporters waded in to mock the “excuse”.

One tweeted: “Honestly, get some pundits that offer real insight into the game and inform us mere mortals, educate us football wise and at least take the one eyed blinkers off for their old teams and generally not talk a load of crap. You’re wasting money on the current crop of ‘experts’.”

Another wrote: “Funny how that ‘poor transport’ became an issue when they went 0-2 down.”

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A fellow fan said: “Not been an issue the rest of the season when they were winning every week.”

While another wrote: “These concerns never seem relevant when the home team is winning 3-0. Odd that.”

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