Emma Paton ‘goes too far’ in bold sleeveless outfit with leather trousers as she stuns at Premier League Darts


EMMA PATON’S outfit was the cherry on the double top for Premier League Darts fans.

Fans reckon the Sky Sports presenter “went too far” with a dazzling combination of cheeky, cherry-coloured, sleeveless top and leather trousers.

Emma Paton again hit the bullseye with fans for her outfit

AlamyThe Sky Sports presenter wore a tight-fitting top[/caption]

Sky SportsEmma Paton[/caption]

It was a night when Luke Littler pulled off a rarely-seen triple double-top checkout.

But viewers rated Emma’s red top as equally stunning.

The fans’ favourite has been called “unreal” and “so gorgeous” by oche enthusiasts.

And for them she’s as much a weekly wonder as 17-year-old Luke the Nuke.

Littler sealed top spot in the eight-man Prem table – ahead of next Thursday’s play-offs to decide the overall winner.

And Emma again showed why she’s a social media sensation with her stylish outfit.

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One admirer posted: “WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Emma Paton looking absolutely stunning!! Such a sexy look and looking incredible in leather trousers!!”

Another awed admirer wrote: “Jesus Emma Paton went too far today.”

InstagramEmma regularly impresses admirers with her social media posts[/caption]

Sky SportsShe became a Sky Sports presenter five years ago[/caption]

The 30-year-old’s Instagram soaring has followed to 192,000 – helped by a classy array of outfits, often including leather.

And her popularity is also stronger than ever – strengthened by her expertise on darts in the year that Littler’s rise has given the sport an extra dimension of followers.

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Having joined sky as a journalist in 2012, she began presenting seven years later.

She’s sprinted to the top since then – perhaps fitting since she used to be a national-level 400m runner.

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