Does Australian Open have a fifth set tie-break? French Open, US Open and Wimbledon final set rules


THE Australian Open has RETURNED to the big screens – and Novak Djokovic is eager to win a 10th Melbourne crown.

The Serbian was deported last year due to Covid vaccination rules, with Rafael Nadal the eventual winner.

Getty Novak Djokovic is back in Melbourne[/caption]

Does Wimbledon have a fifth set tie-break?

Until 2019, players at Wimbledon used to keep playing until there was a winner by two clear games.

However, this rule was then changed with tie-breaks being played when a fifth set reaches 12-12.

And the new format was used in the final the same year when Novak Djokovic triumphed over Roger Federer.

However, in 2022 Wimbledon will use the same system as the other Grand Slams.

Does the French Open have a fifth set tie-break?

The French Open was the only Grand Slam not to have a fifth set tie-break until 2022.

However, the Grand Slams agreed to trial a uniform system for one year, which sees every tournament playing a tie-break at 6-6 in the fifth set.

The first player to reach ten points (with a margin of two clear points) is the winner.

Does the Australian Open have a fifth set tie-break?

The Australian Open DOES have a fifth set tie-break.

And the ‘first to ten’ system used in Melbourne is the standard for all competitions in 2022.

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Does the US Open have a fifth set tie-break?

Yes. The US Open has used a tie-break to decide all five-set matches since 1970.

Flushing Meadows is the only Grand Slam which will ultimately have longer matches as a result of the new standardised rules.

Tie-breaks were previously played to seven points in the fifth set but will now be played to ten.

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