Champions League streaker Kinsey Wolanski sends fans wild as she sips champagne in the bath after joining OnlyFans


CHAMPIONS LEAGUE streaker Kinsey Wolanski has stunned fans by enjoying Champagne in the bath.

The 26-year-old grabbed the attention of the footballing world when she ran on to the pitch during the 2019 Champions League final.

Kinsey Wolankski got into the bath as her dog sat beside herInstagram @kinsey

She then helped herself to some Champagne as she relaxedInstagram @kinsey

Wolanski streaked onto the pitch during the 2019 Champions League finalRex Features

Since then she has become a high-profile figure on social media, frequently sharing posts for her fans.

And two months ago she even joined adult site OnlyFans.

But it was Instagram that she took to earlier this week to share footage of her getting into the bath.

She then drank a glass of Champagne and relaxed as her dog sat in the room beside her.

Wolankski has built up a social media following since the 2019 Champions League finalInstagram @kinsey

She also recently joined OnlyFansInstagram @kinsey

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Wolanski announced she was going on OnlyFans back in January.

She has also seen her online platform grow massively as she now boasts 3.6 million followers on Instagram.

Wolankski was asked by a fan if she had an account on the adult platform OnlyFans during a Q&A on Instagram.

And now she does as her fans have been given the opportunity to pay for more content.

The bio of the page says: “Life is living, so why not?”

Wolanski often posts images of her life on Instagram including snaps from holidays and of her piloting a helicopter.

The influencer recently visited the Galapagos Islands and posed for some pictures alongside the wildlife that the island has to offer.

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She has 3.6 million followers on InstagramInstagram @kinsey

Wolanski frequently shares pictures for her fans to seeInstagram @kinsey

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