CBS Sports presenter Kate Abdo to make huge Misfits debut after training with boxing coach boyfriend Malik Scott


KATE ABDO is lined up for a huge Misfits Boxing debut after being coached by boyfriend Malik Scott.

Abdo is a keep-fit fanatic and began training with former heavyweight boxer Scott in Los Angeles.

Kate Abdo/InstagramKate Abdo with her boxing trainer boyfriend Malik Scott[/caption]

Scott is coaching Abdo to a potential boxing debut

Instagram @kateabdoAbdo has a history of presenting massive boxing fights[/caption]

Before long, the two went public with their relationship and the CBS Sports presenter has teased a move into boxing.

It leaves Misfits – home to celebrity-style crossover bouts – ready to pounce with a deal for the former Sky host.

Asked if Abdo, 42, could “make that move to Misfits Boxing“, the promotion’s co-founder Mams Taylor simply replied: “Yes.”

Abdo and Scott’s relationship hit the headlines recently after Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher made a remark about it live on TV.

Carragher quipped “not to Malik” after Abdo said she was loyal to her beloved Manchester United, prompting her to ask: “Why would you even ask that?”

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The exchange soon went viral on social media with fans cringing at the failed joke.

But Scott was among those who certainly did not find the joke funny and warned Carragher against making similar comments.

He told Lord Ping: “It was a very minute thing, but her being irritated by it a little bit is what really got to me.


“Him just saying it and being that guy who always makes those picking at you jokes wasn’t really a big deal to me at all. It’s only a big deal if Kate is upset.

“If Kate gets upset then it’s a really big deal to me and I’ll give him a call and if he doesn’t pick up my call, then I’ll show up in a physical manner so we can talk like men, so that’s not something you should continue to do.

“But I think Jamie apologised, not just to Kate but to the team, and one thing you can’t do is knock a man who admits he was wrong. In that regard I have high respect for him.”

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