Bare-knuckle boxer reveals what happens in the after-life when he was brought back after ‘dying’ from electric shock


A BRITISH bare-knuckle boxing star has revealed what happens in the after-life after claiming he was brought back after “dying” from a huge electric shock.

Aaron McCallum is currently preparing to fight Scott McHugh for the British title at BKB32 tomorrow at London’s O2 Arena.

Instagram / @pro_bkb_the_baronAaron McCallum says he experienced the after-life following a huge electric shock[/caption]

Instagram / @pro_bkb_the_baronThe bare-knuckle boxer fights for the British title on Sunday at The O2[/caption]

The tough nut is adamant that he can “go hard” for five rounds and bring “that belt back home” when asked about the showdown.

And he is determined to make the most of his “second chance” after he opened up on a terrifying accident that left him “dead” when he was only aged six.

The father of six told Daily Star: “I was playing football with my brother and two of his mates on a field and the ball went into this building.

“I ran after in after it, slipped on a board and when I tried to stop myself falling I grabbed some wires that send thousands of volts through me. Everything was lit up so bright I could hardly see and I started floating up.

“I saw a castle and I floated over the walls. There was someone on the other side reading a book to some kids. He came over to me and said, ‘It’s too soon for you, you should go back’.

“I woke up when I heard my brother screaming and it turned out my dad had booted me off the wires and saved me. But I know there is something there [after death]. I have seen it, but I was given a second chance.”

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McCallum has since endured battles with both drink and drugs as an adult until a chance message from his partner while on a night out changed his life path.

The ex-bodybuilder admitted that he “went off the rails for a few years” and would regularly “drink a bottle of vodka a day” and he even ended up having to live on a boat after getting kicked out of his house before everything changed.


He explained: “I was in the pub one night when my missus messaged me saying, ‘There’s a bare-knuckle boxing show coming up, you should try it’. I knew straightaway this was my chance.”

Despite being knocked out in the opening round of his first fight against ex-UFC fighter Chris Fishgold, he has has since produced two one-round KOs of his own with his style being likened to that of a young Mike Tyson.

McCallum added: “I’m stocky like Tyson was and try to mimic his style. I’m an aggressive, front-foot fighter who takes some discouraging.

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“I’m not trying to be the world’s best boxer, but I want to show people I can be one of the best bare-knuckle boxers in the world.”

Instagram / @pro_bkb_the_baronThe star models his style on the legendary Mike Tyson[/caption]

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