Alisha Lehmann defended for ‘playing with her sexuality’ on pitch and compared to David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo


ALISHA LEHMANN has been defended for “playing with her sexuality” after coming under attack from trolls.

The Switzerland Women’s star was criticised for wearing make-up in a 7-1 defeat to Spain.

Alisha Lehmann was trolled for wearing make-up while appearing for SwitzerlandGetty

GettyThe forward often wears make-up during matches[/caption]

Instagram @alishalehmann7Lehmann was defended by a TV presenter[/caption]

Instagram @alishalehmann7Alisha has amassed a huge following on social media[/caption]

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TV presenter Vicki Blomme lept to her defence, and compared Lehmann wearing make-up on the pitch to Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham caring about their hair.

She said on the Soccer Sisters podcast: “Yes, she plays with her sexuality, but they have done it many times.

“Look at Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. I think makeup and personal grooming are seen differently than if a boy does his hair.

“A lot of people think it’s vanity, but it’s also feeling. The feeling of feeling confident and strong, there’s something to that. I think it’s good that we’re different and that we look however we want.

“You take some of the attention away from football, but that’s how it happened also with Beckham. There is nothing wrong with playing football with makeup, we have to stop blaming them.”

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Lehmann, 24, likes to look her best on and off the pitch and recently dazzled in an elegant black outfit.

She also wowed fans in a swanky outfit as she enjoyed a night out on the town.

Lehmann is one of the stars of the WSL and has 10 goals in 59 games for Aston Villa following spells at West Ham and Everton.

She boasts 16million Instagram followers

Lehmann has released a 2024 calendar for £150

She often shares saucy snaps on social media


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The forward made her debut for her country in 2017, and has six goals in 45 appearances.

Lehmann has amassed a huge fanbase on social media and boasts 16million Instagram followers.

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