World’s sexiest powerlifter Little Beast shows off CRAZY flexibility as fans joke they ‘got cramp just watching’


LITTLE BEAST’S latest video has left her fans joking they “got cramp just watching”.

The powerlifter showed off her crazy flexibility as she stretched in the clip, which she shared to TikTok.

TikTok @ the.littlebeastLittle Beast has shown off her crazy flexibility[/caption]

TikTok @ the.littlebeastLittle Beast stretched against a door frame[/caption]

TikTok @ the.littlebeastLittle Beast’s fans joked they ‘got cramp just watching’[/caption]

Hikaru Komiyama, who goes by the nickname Ru, stunned her fans in a pair of tight blue shorts in the video.

Her series of stretches included holding her foot above her head before leaning against a door frame with her leg in the air.

Ru then continued to stretch by bending down with her leg raised above her.

The athlete, who has been dubbed the “world’s sexiest powerlifter”, ended the video with another daring stretch.

Whilst bent over backwards, she held her hands and one foot on the ground with her other foot upright in the air.

Alongside the TikTok post, Ru wrote: “Anything you can see as a skill set, there’s room and hope for improvement. Happy Sunday beautiful people!”

Her fans were left in awe of her flexibility, with one commenting: “You’ve inspired me to spend much more time stretching.”

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Another added: “Pulled a hammy just thinking about if I could do it or not.”

TikTok @ the.littlebeastLittle Beast shared the video with her TikTok followers[/caption]

TikTok @ the.littlebeastLittle Beast stunned her fans in a pair of tight blue shorts[/caption]

A third follower also wrote: “You’re amazing!”

One more said: “I got cramp just watching this.”

Ru, who has 2.6million followers on TikTok, is a 56kg international powerlifter.

When she is not competing, she regularly shows off her physique to her fans on social media.

In a recent post, she was hailed as “absolutely insane” by one follower after flaunting her bum in a pair of skintight shorts.

Meanwhile, another upload saw Ru perform a raunchy dance routine whilst displaying her incredible figure.

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instagram @the.littlebeastLittle Beast is an international powerlifter[/caption]

Instagram @the.littlebeastLittle Beast has 2.6million followers on TikTok[/caption]

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