Who is Man City star Phil Foden’s girlfriend Rebecca Cooke and do they have any children together?


REBECCA Cooke is the childhood sweetheart of England footballer Phil Foden.

And she will be celebrating alongside the Manchester City scarlet later today when they lift the Premier League trophy.

Phil Foden and Rebecca Cooke have been together since their teens

Who is Rebecca Cooke?

Rebecca Cooke is the long-term partner of Manchester City midfielder Phil Foden.

Rebecca is thought to be 22 years old and the mother of one child with Phil.

She tends to keep out the spotlight and has her Instagram account currently set private, though it does seem to suggest that she goes by the nickname Becca.

How long has she been dating Phil Foden?

The exact time at which they started dating is unknown, but they have been together since being teenagers.

At the age of 18 she became a mother to their son, Ronnie.

A fan account of the couple (@beccafodenx) on Instagram shows the two together, along with a closer look at the blonde bombshell.

PARebecca Cooke is supporting Phil Foden and England in Qatar[/caption]

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When was Phil and Rebecca’s son born?

Phil and Rebecca have a one-year-old son, born in January 2019 when the football star was just 18 years old.

Speaking to Manchester City at the time, he said: “I was there for the birth. I walked out of the room, gave it a little tear and then went back in like nothing happened.

“I’m not one for crying in front of people. I like to be on my own, but I was there in the room, watched it happen and it was a special moment.

“Your life changes.”

He continued, speaking of the things he misses Ronnie doing due to football training: “There are things you miss when you’re not there because you’ve got an away game.

“I was there when he started crawling, but I think I was in London when he started to walk.

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“Now he’s getting about and walking everywhere, so you have to have eyes in the back of your head or he starts running off.

“It’s unfortunate to miss things like that but it’s a sacrifice that he’ll appreciate when he’s older.”

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