What does the England and Wales OneLove World Cup armband mean and who else is wearing them?

ENGLAND and Wales will be united as they plan to wear OneLove armbands during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The Group B opponents face off against each other as they look for a place in the knockout rounds.

GettyHarry Kane will wear the OneLove armband[/caption]

However, they will join each other, along with seven other national team captains, to wear a OneLove armband at the World Cup.

And we have all the information on which countries are wearing the armband and what the armband means.

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Harry Kane to wear OneLove armband in Qatar to fight discrimination

What does the OneLove World Cup armband mean?

The OneLove armbands at the Qatar World Cup promote inclusivity and LGBTQ+ rights.

This comes as Qatar, a country which criminalises same-sex relationships, is hosting the tournament.

The armband has caused controversy within Fifa as players could face a booking for wearing the armband due to it being unofficial.

Who else is wearing the OneLove armband?

England are the first side committed to wearing the armband when they kick off against Iran.

The Netherlands began the OneLove campaign before Euro 2020 as they look to send a message against discrimination.

Wales and Germany will join the Europeans alongside the captains of France, Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland.

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