What are the lyrics to the Brazil national anthem and what do they mean in English?

BRAZIL are hoping for success at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The South American side are in Group G with Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon – and are looking to lift the trophy for the first time since 2002.

Thiago Silva sings his heart out for the Brazil national anthem at the 2022 World CupRex

Why is the Brazilian national anthem shortened?

The melody for the national anthem was composed by Francisco Manuel da Silva and was presented to the public in 1831.

The date it was presented was April 13, 1831 and it is now knownn as “Day of the Brazilian National Anthem” in the country.

It had been given at least two unofficial lyrics before the official ones were  written by  Joaquim Osório Duque-Estrada in 1909.

It is often shortened to just the first verse for sporting events due to the length.

What is it called?

The first national anthem of Brazil was called the Independence Anthem but when the Emperor Pedro 1 – also the writer of the song – abdicated it fell in popularity.

It has no other name than the National Anthem.

What are the lyrics?

Verse One 

The placid shores of the Ipiranga heard
The resounding shout of a heroic folk
And the sun of Liberty in shining beams
Shone in the homeland’s sky at that instant.
If the pledge of this equality
We managed to conquer with strong arm,
In thy bosom, O Freedom,
Our chest defies death itself!
O beloved,
Idolized homeland,
Hail, hail!
Brazil, an intense dream, a vivid ray
Of love and hope descends to earth
If in thy beautiful, smiling and limpid sky
The image of the (Southern) Cross blazes.
Giant by thine own nature,
Thou art beautiful, strong, a fearless colossus,
And thy future mirrors that greatness.
Adored Land
Amongst thousand others
Art thou, Brazil,
O beloved homeland!
Of the sons of this ground
Thou art kind mother,
Beloved homeland,

Verse Two

Eternally lying on splendid cradle,
To the sound of sea and under deep sky light
Thou flashes, Brazil, crocket of America,
Illuminated by the sun of New World!

Than the more garish land,
Thy smiling, pretty prairies and more flowers
“Our groves have more life”,
“Our life” in thy bosom “more loves”.

O beloved,
Idolized homeland,
Hail, hail!

Brazil, of eternal love be a symbol
The starred labarum which thou displayst
And say the laurel-green of this pennant
“Peace in the future and glory in the past.”

But if thou raises the strong mace of justice,
See that a son of thine flees not from battle,
Nor do those who love thee fear their own death.

Adored Land
Amongst thousand others
Art thou, Brazil,
O beloved homeland!

Of the sons of this ground
Thou art kind mother,
Beloved homeland,

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