‘Welcome to boxing’ – UFC boss Dana White reacts to Tyson Fury’s unification fight with Oleksandr Usyk facing collapse

DANA WHITE was left unsurprised at the news Tyson Fury’s fight with Oleksandr Usyk faces collapse.

The pair of unbeaten boxing champions have publicly agreed a split to unify their belts but behind the scenes a deal is still not signed off.

UFC president Dana WhiteRex

And Usyk warned he could walk away from talks if terms are not wrapped up, which would KO one of the biggest fights the sport has to offer.

UFC president White said in response: “It’s scheduled, no? Oh it’s not? Welcome to boxing, boys. Is it shocking? Yes. Is it ‘shocking’? No.

“It’s just that is boxing, that’s the way that that sport always seems to play out, the big fights that should happen never happen.

“And when they do, it’s always late and that’s the stuff that used to drive me crazy as a fan and it’s literally part of how I designed this company to not be.

“We try to make the big fights when it’s time to make the big fights.”

Usyk accepted Fury’s “greedy” 70/30 offer to unify all four heavyweight belts for the first time in history on April 29 at Wembley.

But boxing manager Egis Klimas has vented his frustration with no deal yet agreed and Usyk himself hinted at negotiations hitting a snag.

He tweeted: “The points for agreement were sent to Fury’s side. The deadline is set. The clock is ticking.

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“The ball is on #Greedybelly’s side now. We did everything in our power to make it happen.”

Klimas has previously maintained Usyk’s acceptance of 70/30 is only valid for a fight on April 29, just six weeks away.

And any postponement will cause a renegotiation of 50/50 split between the unbeaten pair.

Tyson Fury facing off with Oleksandr UsykGetty

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