We live by a Premier League stadium – tickets are too expensive for us & two rival clubs’ fans always cause trouble


LOCALS living near a Premier League stadium have said away fans from two famous clubs always cause trouble.

Away supporters from the rival clubs were involved in fighting, and on one occasion a “bar was smashed up.”

Vincent ColeAllen Holmes singled out fans from two famous clubs for criticism[/caption]

Vincent ColeTerry Park said he loved living near the ground but many locals could not afford tickets[/caption]

Vincent ColeGrandmother Ann McNaulty can see the 140-year-old stadium as soon as she steps out of her front door[/caption]

Vincent ColeAlice Kirkbright said she felt trapped in her home on match days[/caption]

People living in terraced homes in the shadow of Burnley’s Turf Moor ground have said match days are “very noisy” and left them trapped in their homes because of the traffic.

The locals said away fans were normally well behaved, but singled out supporters from two local rivals for criticism.

Clarets fan Allen Homes, 75, said: “It’s pretty noisy here on match days but I think most people love living by the ground.

“It’s just a shame I can’t go afford to go anymore as tickets as so expensive.”

Allen, who worked at a special needs school, added: “Most of the away fans are well behaved apart from Leeds who often cause problems.

Sheffield United fans also smashed up a bar a while ago and the police were called out to a lot of fighting.

“But generally I think most people like living around the ground, except for the traffic on match days.”

King Charles II is said to be a clarets fan. Radio 1 DJ Jordan North famously said Turf Moor was his “happy place” as he repeated the phrase as he had to undergo a gruesome challenge on ITV1’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. And many of his fellow Burnley fans agree.

Butcher Danny Heys, 44, grew up over his family’s shop and went to his first Clarets’ game aged four.

He said: “We close on match days because of the traffic but also because we want to go the game.

“It’s fantastic living here. I love being so close to the ground.”

Retired salesman Terry Park, 80, said: “Most people seem to like living round here.

“There’s no much trouble from the fans and it adds a buzz of excitement to the place.

“It’s just a shame most people can’t afford to go.”

However not all agree.

Mum-of-two Marilyn Haworth, 78, said: “I’m lived her for 57 years.
“We don’t have too much trouble but I’m not really a football fan.
“I’d turn it into a dog track if I had my way.

“The traffic and parking is a bit of a headache. If you leave someone takes your spot.

“However the stadium does affect the internet signal and makes it really slow.

“That’s a big problem.”

Her friend Alice Kirkbright, 81, said: “You feel a bit cut off at match days as you can’t really move.

“It makes you feel trapped in your own home.
“And the stadium is a bit of an eyesore with the new stand.”

Grandmother Ann McNaulty can see the 140-year-old stadium as soon as she steps out of her front door.

She said: “There’s a lot of litter and the fans leave a bit of a mess.
“But the parking doesn’t affect me as I don’t have a car.
“If it’s gets too noisy I just take out my hearing aids.”

Burnley, nicknamed the Clarets, were promoted to the Premier League after winning the Championship last season.

They are currently languishing at the bottom of the Premier League having lost all their games.

Fan Sarah Brown, 32, said: “It’s be nice if the King came to a game – he might bring us a bit of luck.”

The Sun approached Burnley FC, Leeds United and Sheffield United for comment.

Vincent ColeButcher Danny Heys went to his first game aged just four[/caption]

Vincent ColeThe stadium looms over the surrounding streets[/caption]

Vincent ColeAn aerial view of Turf Moor[/caption]

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