Watch raging John Fury have on-stage meltdown and boot tables and chairs over at KSI vs Tommy Fury press conference


JOHN FURY has thrown a table and chairs at the KSI vs Tommy Fury press conference.

The Love Island star’s dad saw red as he called himself “a machine” during an on-stage meltdown on Tuesday.

Twitter @MisfitsBoxingJohn Fury booted a table and chairs over on stage[/caption]

Twitter @MisfitsBoxingA raging Fury had a meltdown at the KSI vs Tommy Fury press conference[/caption]

ReutersFury called himself ‘a machine’ before flipping the tables[/caption]

Security staff were quick to intervene as an enraged Fury slammed his fists on the table before kicking it in the air.

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, who are fighting on the same card, had been going back-and-forth with eachother before Fury lost his cool.

Angered by their jabs at eachother’s families and person lives, he stood up and fumed: “We are fighting men.”

After begging those on stage to stop and talk about the fight instead, he tossed a table and booted a chair off stage.

Fury then went a step further and offered everyone else at the press conference out for a fight.

“We are fighting men!” shouted the former boxer. “My son will fight him and I’ll fight anyone in the building.”

KSI could be seen looking visibly confused as Fury launched into his bizarre rant whilst pointing at the YouTube star.

He continued: “Let’s get the f***ing ball rolling. Get the cake and shove it up your a***hole, before I do it.


ReutersFury caused chaos by kicking a table in the air[/caption]

ReutersFury was angered by Logan Paul and Dillon Danis’ trash talk[/caption]

“All these f***ing little kids. I’m a machine and can anybody question who I am here?”

The 59-year-old then slammed his fist on the table and threw a water bottle towards the crowd.

He followed that up by pushing two tables over and kicking the one in front of KSI.

Security staff could then be seen rushing in as KSI leapt to his feet and tried to approach Fury.

As the scuffle was contained, Paul stood on top of the only table still upright, appearing to hype up the crowd as chaos ensued around him.

ReutersKSI and Tommy Fury are set to fight in Manchester on October 14[/caption]

PAFury Sr stole the show with his antics on stage during the press conference[/caption]

KSI vs Fury and Paul vs Danis are both set to co-headline Misfits Boxing’s next event at Manchester Arena on October 14.

Danis and Paul have also been locked in trash talk on social media, with the former mocking his opponent’s partner Nina Agdal.

The mixed martial artist had previously been set to fight KSI in January before pulling out.

Meanwhile, KSI is now looking to become the first fighter to defeat the unbeaten Fury.

Tyson Fury’s younger brother moved to 9-0 in February by beating Jake Paul in Saudi Arabia.

Twitter @MisfitsBoxingSecurity had to hold back Fury as he offered out those on stage[/caption]

Twitter @MisfitsBoxingFury also shouted at the crowd during his foul-mouthed rant[/caption]

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