Watch bodybuilder tennis star’s X-rated rant at rival ‘acting like a 12-year-old’ before row with umpire

BODYBUILDER tennis star Marton Fucsovics lost his temper with Sebestian Baez during the pair’s match on Tuesday.

The tennis stars were facing off in the Lyon Open round of 32 when Fucsovics took issue with his opponent’s behaviour.

Marton Fucsovics expressed his anger to the umpire

The umpire did his best to reason with Fucsovics and calm him down

Fucsovics is ranked at 80 in the ATP World Rankings

The Hungarian walked over to Baez and asked him how old he was and before his opponent could answer he patronisingly suggested he was 12-years-old.

Baez, 22, calmly dealt with the situation by simply answering Fucsovics’ question.

He said: “No, 22”, but that didn’t stop Fucsovics from carrying on his rant with his tempers high.

The tennis star, who has been dubbed the bodybuilder due to his insane physique, turned his attention to the umpire to express his dismay at Baez.

He said: “The f*****g 20-year-old guys. Not that he is the only one, playing so unfair.

“[He says] Vamos for every point I miss and screaming like a b***h”

The umpire took issue with Fucsovics foul language and explained that he couldn’t talk like that on the court.

He said: “It’s okay for you to talk to me, but I don’t want this kind of language.

Tanké le Fucsovics ! #AusOpen #HomeOfTennis

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“I understand that you are frustrated and that you don’t like it, but I don’t want these words.”

The match resumed after the confrontation and Fucsovics was made to deal with his frustrations on the court.

In the end it was Baez that came out victorious with the Argentine winning in straight sets.

He will now advance to the Last 16 of the tournament with the final set to take place on Saturday.

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