Watch awkward interview with Mary Earps’ parents as journalist fails to realise who he’s speaking to


ENGLAND fans praised the reaction of Mary Earps’ parents after a journalist awkwardly interviewed them without realising they were the mum and dad of the Lionesses star.

Sarina Wiegman‘s side suffered World Cup heartbreak on Sunday as they lost 1-0 to Spain in the final in Sydney.

Copa90Mary Earps’ parents did not let on that their daughter was the England keeper[/caption]

Copa90They eventually told the interviewer when he outright asked them[/caption]

Earps was one of England’s standout players at the World CupRex

But England keeper Earps, 30, wrote her name into folklore with a superb late penalty save to keep her side in the game.

She then proceeded to hilariously scream “F*** off” after making the stop.

Prior to the game, Earps’ mum and dad were filmed on a train in their daughter’s kits.

And a journalist approached them with a microphone to ask them where they got the strips from – as they were famously not put on sale by Nike, before Earps sold out her own range of t-shirts.

But he was unaware he was talking to the parents of the England and Manchester United No1.

This led to a brilliant exchange between the journalist and Earps’ family.

The interviewer opened by asking: “How did you get your hands on goalkeeper kits? It’s meant [to be] the hardest thing to get your hands on?”

Earps’ dad jokingly produced a puzzled look, before replying: “Google.”


The journalist continued: “Why the goalkeeper kits, the both of you? Just big fans of goalkeepers?”

After Earps’ dad said yes, they were then asked: “Who’s your favourite goalkeeper?”

To which he replied: “Mary Earps.”

The journalist responded: “Not Mackenzie Arnold [Australia’s No1]?”

Before Earps’ dad brilliantly added: “She did well, yeah. Mary Earps is a bit more classy.”

The interviewer then began to twig their relationship with the keeper as he asked: “You’re not related to her, are you?”

Earps’ dad replied: “Yeah.”

They were then asked if they were player worn kits.

And the Lioness star’s mum replied that her jersey was worn in England’s first game.

The journalist then finished by asking: “How proud are you two?”

Before Earps’ dad joked: “We’ll tell you about 10 o’clock tonight.”

Reacting to the clip, one person said: “Love this. Mary Earps parents playing it cool when being interviewed by a journalist who didn’t seem to realise for quite a while…

“Her mum trying to keep a straight face has me giggling.

“The likeness with her mother is uncanny!”

Another added: “When the dad says ‘Google’ with a straight face .”

A third replied: “Love them. Love Mary.”

While a fourth responded: “Love this! What a tournament she had.”

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