Watch as Laura Woods left red-faced as Ally McCoist makes X-rated gaffe live on talkSPORT


ALLY MCCOIST left listeners and co-host Laura Woods in stitches after his X-rated gaffe live on TalkSPORT.

The Rangers legend, who admitted to cheating on Question of Sport earlier this week, made a huge boob as he joined the much-loved 35-year-old in the studio.

Instagram @laurawoodsyAlly McCoist had his co-host and himself in stitches on talkSPORT[/caption]

Instagram @laurawoodsyThe hilarious incident happened when Laura Woods asked him about Burns Night[/caption]

Those north of the border are celebrating Burns Night today – and Woods was keen to find out more about the tradition from the ex-Scotland striker, 60.

She asked: “What’s the difference between Burns Day and Burns night… is it the same?”

The quick-witted McCoist replied: “About eight hours.”

That led to the pair of them both bursting into laughter, before Woods said: “Great answer… I feel like you’ve been waiting all your life for someone to say that to you.”

She then went on to ask him about what Scottish people eat to celebrate Burns Night.

And that is when McCoist found himself offside with a hilarious but X-rated slip of the tongue.

He said: “Traditionally we eat haggis, t**ties… t**ties!”

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His slip-up led to a huge roar of laughter from the pair as they struggled to hold back the tears.

“Tatties! Tatties! Get that dumped immediately,” added McCoist. 

“If you’re a good boy you get the first one, if you’re a naughty boy you get tatties. Haggis, tatties and Neeps – dear me!”

It came just days after Woods left fans in stitches after mocking a troll on Twitter.

The talkSPORT presenter is often subject to wind-ups and trolls on social media but has a knack for dealing with it.

On Monday she took to Twitter to ask her followers for UK beach recommendations.

Many replied with the hidden gems Woods was looking for, including beaches in Northumberland, Cornwall and Great Yarmouth.

But one fan had other ideas and tried to be clever with his comment, which did attract 1,700 likes.

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He wrote: “Got a kids sand pit in my back garden?? Does this count?? Mrs is at work most days.”

Woods wryly hit back saying: “That’s what she says…”

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