Villa star Alisha Lehmann goes for picnic and train-spotting date with TikTok star Francis Bourgeois in bizarre link-up


ALISHA LEHMANN linked up with viral trainspotter Francis Bourgeois for an unexpected video.

The pair appeared together on YouTube as they had a fun-filled day of train-spotting, picnics and football.

Alisha Lehmann and Francis Bourgeois waved at passing by trains together

Alisha and Francis sat down to have a picnic whilst watching trains go past

The Aston Villa star showed off her football skills to young fans

Francis tried to show off his skills too, but hilariously fell to the ground

Lehmann tried out Francis’ iconic close up camera and drove a train for the first time

Alisha Lehmann signed for Aston Villa in 2021

The video was part of Francis’ online series, Trainspotting with Francis Bourgeois, in which he takes different celebs to look at trains with him.

The TikTok star took Lehmann to learn how to drive a train as well as introducing her to a British picnic with pork pies and pork scratchings.

The Swiss international seemed unimpressed with the British cuisine, but was happy to be learning about trains from her companion for the day.

Lehmann also showed off her skills to a bunch of young girls who were starstruck by the footballing star.

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The 24-year-old winger has been an important part of Aston Villa’s side this season bagging four goals and registering two assists in her 21 WSL appearances.

She has garnered a lot of attention for her glamorous photos that she shares to her whopping 13.2 million followers on Instagram.

But Lehmann is determined to be taken seriously on the pitch too and spoke out about the issue in a recent interview.

She said: “Some people just see Instagram and social media and don’t even know I actually play football, when I don’t post a football picture for a week, people say, ‘Oh she doesn’t even play’.


“I think sometimes it’s a bit hard because obviously I train every day, like everyone else, I play every weekend and sometimes it’s hard because they make a picture of you.

“I’m a proper footballer. I work hard every day. I want to be the best version of myself in football and that’s my first priority in life.”

Lehmann has more instagram followers than Chelsea star Raheem Sterling

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She regularly posts photos of her travelling in the off season

She has been capped 38 times for Switzerland

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