Tyson Fury REFUSES to face Oleksandr Usyk in head-to-head with fans adamant Gypsy King is ‘scared as f**k’


FANS sunk Tyson Fury on a split decision – after he refused to face Oleksandr Usyk in the final pre-fight press conference.

Some viewers claimed Fury “has already lost” Saturday’s clash for the undisputed heavyweight title and looks “scared as f***”.

ReutersTyson Fury avoided Oleksandr Usyk’s gaze in a move that divided opinion amongst fight-lovers on social media[/caption]

ReutersFury was either ‘scared’ or had Usyk ‘rattled’ – depending on your view[/caption]

EPAIf looks could thrill – each fighter had his own way of looking tough[/caption]

But others reckon the Gypsy King’s unusual ploy was a masterstroke of mind games ahead of the fight of the year in Saudi Arabia.

Fury had begun Thursday by pulling out of a live interview for ITV’S Good Morning Britain.

And Usyk‘s team continued the eventful build-up to the weekend blockbuster by reportedly filing a complaint that parts of the Riyadh ring canvas could be a trip hazard.

Things then came to a head – or rather they didn’t – when the Gypsy King refused to look at, let alone do the traditional face-to-face posturing, with his Ukrainian opponent.

In contrast, Usyk maintained a stony stare at Fury – only shifting when it was his turn for obligatory fist-raising, bicep-bulging photos.

Meanwhile, the Gypsy King – wearing orange-flamed trousers, waistcoat and big, black fedora-style hat – looked anywhere but at the 37-year-old.

Fury, 35, mainly appeared emotionless on the surface, although there were occasional hints of a smirk or a reflective nod of his head – as well as a snarling expression when posing next to his rival.

But many fans reckon his odd antics were a sign of fear, not a clever ploy.

ReutersUsyk tried to look confident throughout[/caption]


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One viewer said: “Fury has already lost, he can’t even look at Usyk, he’s absolutely bricking it.”

Similar posts included “nervous AF” and “Fury is shook!”

Others insisted: “Usyk owns him already”… and “Fury looked scared throughout the press conference”.

But 48 hours before the battle of unbeaten icons, the Gypsy King also had his backers in the online sparring between amateur body-language experts.

One fan wrote: “Tyson Fury has this Ukrainian victim rattled. Time to finish off the job on Saturday! The defensive genius is getting knocked out.”

Another raved: “I love this move by Fury!”

And a third scoffed at suggestions the Gypsy King was worried – posting “Fury looks terrified” alongside a laughing emoji.

With the 6ft 9ins Mancunian standing six inches taller than Usyk, one boxing enthusiast joked: “Look at the height difference! Tyson Fury was looking for Usyk’s eyes but he couldn’t find where he was.”

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But whatever your opinion on the unusual exchange, one short message spoke for many ahead of the long-awaited match-up: “Chills.”

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