Trolls slam my ‘inappropriate outfits’ during Qatar World Cup coverage but I don’t care – I am who I am, says TV host

A TELEVISION host has hit back at trolls who criticised her choice of clothes whilst covering the Qatar World Cup.

Actress Deborah Secco, 42, caused a stir with her on-air outfit for Brazilian channel SporTV’s World Cup Coverage, with many calling it too revealing for prime time.

NewsflashDeborah opted for revealing khaki-coloured cargo pants with a cropped shirt[/caption]

NewsflashMany have praised her outfit, but others aren’t too keen[/caption]

“Is it a fashion show or the world cup?” one follower asked.

Other fans commented though they loved the actress, her outfit seemed inappropriate for the sporting event, which is being held in Qatar – an Islamic country – though the actress has been filming coverage in her native Brazil.

“You are wonderful, no doubt, but we have to respect and dress properly for a sporting event. Even more so that the event is in Qatar.

“Are you familiar with that culture? Quite different to what you’re used to. Google it,” one user said.

The actress responded to the criticisms of her outfit, posting a caption on Instagram reading:

“I don’t care – I am who I am.”

The actress received messages of support from Brazilians Maria Ribeiro and Gabriela Prioli.

“We are watching the World Cup in a country like Qatar, rooting for a player who supported a misogynistic, racist and homophobic guy, and the question is Deborah Secco’s clothes?

“I think it’s great. Both the clothes, as the fact that an actress can talk about football,” wrote Maria Ribeiro.



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Secco has been providing World Cup coverage on the Brazilian channel SporTV program “Tá na Copa”.

The actress is known for posting fashionable photos on her Instagram, which boasts more than 24million followers.

Qatar has set strict rules for those attending the World Cup: taking photos without permission, flirting, swearing, arguing and drinking alcohol all could land attendees of the tournament in jail.

The rules in the Muslim country are especially strict for women, who face fines of up to £3000 or jail time.

“Tops must cover their (women’s) midriff and shoulders, and skirts, dresses and trousers must cover the knees.

“Women travelling in Qatar are also banned from wearing any tight clothing, or flashing any cleavage,” Fifa said in a statement prior to the tournament.

NewsflashThe actress has been covering the World Cup for Brazil on prime time television[/caption]

NewsflashShe’s received a flood of support online after being trolled for the bold fashion choice[/caption]

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