Top 10 most stunning golf influencers, from Paige Spiranac to Bri Teresi – but who is the most followed on Instagram?

BEING a golf influencer has become big business.

The more social media clout you get, the more paid partnerships come your way.

Not known, clear with picture deskGolf influencers like Paige Spiranac have become big business[/caption]

Gorgeous Lucy Robson is UK’s representative in the golf influencer world

Lauren Pacheco comes in at No10 with 148,000 followers

Then, you can really start to make some money.

These 10 stunners have already taken the influencing world by storm – racking up sponsors and millions of followers.

But, who is the most followed golf influencer? Let SunSport crunch the numbers for you.

10. Lauren Pacheo, 148k followers

The 32-year-old blonde stunner is based in Los Angeles, where she is a presenter and model.

As well as being a skilled golfer, she is also a healthy lifestyle blogger and promotes her own wellness brand.

In 2015 she was engaged to Hollywood actor Jeremy Sumpter for 10 months before they split.

She is slowly becoming a very important influencer.

9. McKenzie Graham, 155k followers

McKenzie, 23, features on the growing YouTube series Bombers and Bombshells.

Alongside her golf, the beautiful brunette is currently studying pre-law and communications, which she hopes to graduate with next year.

And she was a runner-up in the Miss Florida USA pageant.

That explains the massive amount of Insta followers, then.

McKenzie Graham is a former Miss Florida USA runner-upInstagram/mckenzie_g

8. Elise Lobb Dzingel, 300k followers

Elise, 29, hails from California and is a model, TV reporter, and a golfing nut – having played since the age of three.

In 2014, she won the Miss Daytona Beach pageant but kept up with her studies to earn a degree in sports journalism.

With 300,000 followers on Instagram, the blonde stunner has a huge fanbase already.

She is building up her YouTube following, with over 14,000 subscribers.

Instagram / Elise Lobb DzingelElise Lobb Dzingel boasts 300,000 followers[/caption]

7. Hannah B Leiner, 317k followers

Leiner’s golfing ability came to prominence in 2017-18, when she starred for her Florida International University team.

The 23-year-old Instagram model has since grown as a social media personality – boasting a whopping 317,000 followers.

Alongside her golf skills, you will find Hannah showing off her bikini body in a range of swimwear.

She was first introduced to the sport aged just five – which she enjoyed along with dance.

Hannah B Leiner, 23, is an Instagram model and golf influencerInstagram @hannahbleiner

6. Holly Sonders, 694k followers

Not just an influencer, but a celebrity girlfriend too.

Holly, 36, has been dating boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya since 2021.

The LA fighter revealed the pair are very active in the bedroom admitting they have sex “every day and every night.”

She often shows off her swing on social media – offering fans tips on technique.

Instagram @holly.sondersHolly Sonders dates boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya[/caption]

5. Claire Hogle, 871k followers

Claire grew up in a golf family and played for California State University.

She is from San Diego and already has almost a million followers on Instagram.

She is vegan, and her favourite golfer is Jordan Speith.

At just 23, she has time on her hands to reach No1.

Instagram / @clairehogleVegan Claire Hogle’s favourite golfer is Jordan Speith[/caption]

4. Lucy Robson, 986,000 followers

One of our own, Lucy was born in Surrey.

But now the 29-year-old resides in Florida, where she is able to take advantage of some amazing golf courses.

With brands clamouring to have the eye-catching Robson promote their products, she is estimated to have a net worth upwards of £400,000.

Robson’s relationship status is unknown, but she is a dog mum to Evie, a 1-year-old sausage dog.

Lucy Robson lives in Florida and has a net worth of 400,000

3. Grace Charis, 1 million followers

With one million Instagram followers, Grace is incredibly popular on social media.

She also boasts a massive OnlyFans account, where she has garnered over 100,000 likes sharing saucy content.

And on YouTube – over 50,000 fans tune in to watch videos of her golfing tips.

Grace isn’t afraid to post content that’s close to the bone. Charis isn’t afraid to share saucy content and has an OnlyFans account[/caption]

2. Bri Teresi, 2 million followers

Blonde bombshell Bri, 28, is a worthy runner-up.

Her OnlyFans is hugely popular – with over 150,000 likes to her account.

She does live chats, as well as shares sexy photoshoots and NSFW content.

Although she recently hit the news for severing her contract with lingerie firm Honey Birdette, after they hired a non-binary, biological male model to wear women’s underwear.

Instagram/briteresiBri Teresi is runner-up in most popular Instagram golf influencer[/caption]

1. Paige Spiranac, 4million followers

Still the queen of the golf influencers, Paige now has a whopping 4 million followers on Instagram.

Better still, it’s made her a reported £2.4million fortune – thanks to paid endorsements.

And Paige has tuck to her morales. She has refused to conform with the OnlyFans movement and show off racy content.

Instead, she has her own paid content website OnlyPaige that offers exclusive videos and golfing tips.

She is, quite rightly, No.1.

Out on her own with four million followers is Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac has made a reported £2.4m fortune from golf influencing

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