October 23, 2021


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Swansea City star Andre Ayew opens up on being a family man

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Ghana captain and Swansea City ace Andre Ayew has revealed how lucky he is and being able to support his family when the need arises.The 31-year-old was born into a footballing family, with his father a three times African footballer of the year winner, his brothers Ibrahim and Jordan also plying their trades abroad.Ayew reveals his role as a leader was inherited from his African background and supporting family is a major part of his life.Its African culture that you follow your heart and that you support your family, Ayew told Swanseacity.com.Your family includes all your aunties, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces. So we must provide support for them in every way possible. Maybe its the basic thing like food, or maybe its for education, housing or travel.Myself, Jordan and my big brother (Ibrahim) are very fortunate to be in a position where we can help our family. My dad used to do it when he was playing, and he still supports all the family along with myself and Jordan. I am very lucky, because my dad was a great player and provided for the family, which included his 15 brothers and sisters. He set the pace, now myself, Jordan and my big brother take on the role to provide to our family.Its tradition that whoever earns the most money has to make sure they help the others. Thats why I have so much respect for all the African players who play in Europe, because people may talk about some of the money they earn, but how much of that is going to his mother, his brother, his sister, his aunty, his uncle, his cousins? They are providing the basics like food to all of their family along with anything else they can help with.

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