Shocking moment police officer shoots footballer in chaotic scenes at end of match before he is rushed to hospital


THIS is the astonishing moment a footballer is SHOT by a police officer after a match.

Gremio Anapolis goalkeeper Ramon Souza was hit by a rubber bullet fired from close range by a military police officer following a pitch-side scuffle.

X @centraldobregaPlayers and staff clashed after a Brazilian regional second division game[/caption]

X @centraldobregaA police officer pushed away players during the scuffle[/caption]

X @centraldobregaThe officer then pointed his gun towards the players as they backed away[/caption]

X @centraldobregaHe opened fire at Gremio Anapolis goalkeeper Ramon Souza[/caption]

X @centraldobregaSouza was struck on the leg[/caption]

X @centraldobregaHe hobbled away after the incident[/caption]

The incident, which occurred after Gremio Anapolis’ 2-1 loss to against Centro Oeste, was captured in a shocking video.

The viral clip appears to show players and staff from both Brazilian clubs arguing with one and other on the touchline, with the cause for the fracas yet to be reported.

A police officer then opens fire and strikes Souza in the thigh with a rubber bullet.

The gunshot left Souza with a gruesome injury and saw the goalkeeper rushed to hospital after receiving first aid in an ambulance on site.

Gremio released a statement on the club’s social media platforms confirming the incident and announcing their intention to take measures to ensure the person responsible is punished.

The statement read: “The Anapolis Guild comes to the public to repudiate the unfortunate, ridiculous and revolting event, at the Jonas Duarte Stadium, this Wednesday night.

“After the end of the match against Centro Oeste, our goalkeeper Ramon Souza was cowardly hit by a rubber bullet, carried out by a police officer.

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“A horrible, unbelievable and criminal act by someone who should value the safety and integrity of the people, who were there at the Jonas Duarte Stadium.

X @SelecaoTalkSouza was left with a gruesome injury to his thigh after being hit by the rubber bullet[/caption]

instagram @gremioanapolisImmediate medial assistance was given to the goalkeeper on the pitch[/caption]

instagram @gremioanapolisHe was later taken to hospital[/caption]

“July 10th is marked by a violent, dirty and horrible act against one of our players, which will never be forgotten.

“The GEA informs that it will take competent measures, so that the responsible person is punished and that justice is done, so that this CRIMINAL act does not go unpunished.

“Our goalkeeper was attended on the field by GEA’s doctor, Dr. Diego Bento, who performed first aid in the mobile UTI.”

While Brazilian outlet Globo reported that a statement from the Military Police of the State of Goias had claimed “it has immediately determined to open an administrative procedure to investigate the facts with due rigour”.

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Adding that it “reaffirms its commitment to complying with the law, and reiterates that it does not condone any misconduct practised by its members”.

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