See The 2022 Top 20 Richest Clubs In The World (Full List)

Manchester City has emerged top of the Deloitte’s Football Money League for the first time in their history, making the premier league club number one in the 2022 list of world richest clubs.

City, which is financially backed by their Abu Dhabi owners generated a total revenue of 644.9 million euros ($712 million, £541 million) in the 2020/21 season to move from the sixth position in the last ranking to number one.

Similarly, ten other clubs in the English Premier League joined City to make the top 20 list of richest clubs in the world according to the latest rankings.

Other premier league clubs to make the list include Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, and others including Wolves which is making its first appearance on the table.

According to the head of Deloitte’s Sports Business Group, Dan Jones, the much larger television rights deals enjoyed by Premier League clubs is responsible for their large representation on the money league table.

He also observed that the advantage may not reduce any time soon.

“Premier League broadcast rights values are set to pull further away from the other ‘big five’ European leagues from the 2022/23 season with the rollover of existing domestic arrangements on the same terms and the total value of international rights reportedly set to increase by 30 percent and exceed the value of domestic rights for the first time,” he said.

See the full list.

1. Man City – €644.9m

2. Real Madrid – €640.7m

3. Bayern Munich – €611.4m

4. Barcelona – €582.1m

5. Manchester United – €558m

6. PSG – €556.2m

7. Liverpool – €550.4m

8. Chelsea – €493.1m

9. Juventus – €433.5m

10. Tottenham – €406.2m

11. Arsenal – €366.5m

12. Dortmund – €337.6m

13. Atletico Madrid – €332.8m

14. Inter Milan – €330.9m

15. Leicester City – €255.5m

16. West Ham – €221.5m

17. Wolves – €219.2m

18. Everton – €218.1m

19. Zenit – €212m

20. Aston Villa – €207.3m

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