Schalke team manager Gerald Asamoah wants ‘clear rules’ set for fight against racism

Team manager of Bundesliga outfit Schalke O4, Gerald Asamoah is advocating for strict and clear rules in the fight against racism.The former Germany international insists it is important that clubs supports players racially abuse by fans or even online.In recent times players have been abused on social media making the fight against racism difficult.In such cases, it is also important that the teams jointly support the victims of insults, Asamoah told Mercator Foundation.The 42-year-old is also calling for proper education of coaches, players and youth workers on racism.He also praised the reaction of the Bayern Munich team, who left the field as a whole when Jerome Boateng was bullied by the stands.He himself tries to get into conversation with people who have racially insulted others and ask them why they said that.Asamoah was born in Ghana but left for Germany at the age of ten. He ended up representing the Die Manschaft at the World I 2006 and spent most of his career with Schalke 04. 

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