Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney reveal new Wrexham stadium name in hilarious video but fans are confused by spelling


RYAN REYNOLDS and Rob McElhenney have hilariously announced Wrexham’s historic Racecourse Ground’s new name – but fans have been left confused.

The American movie stars are still celebrating after finally securing the Welsh club’s return to the Football League after winning the National League.

https://twitter.com/Wrexham_AFCRyan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have announced the Racecourse Ground’s new name[/caption]

https://twitter.com/Wrexham_AFCThe Wrexham owners announced it with a hilarious video[/caption]

https://twitter.com/Wrexham_AFCIt will now be known as The SToK Cae Ras – or SToK Racecourse[/caption]

https://twitter.com/Wrexham_AFCThe Wrexham players reacted furiously in the video clip from ‘tea-time’[/caption]

The Hollywood duo are now in the process of redeveloping the ground and are planning an £18million revamp of their matchday facilities.

Now Reynolds and McElhenney, who bought Wrexham in a £2m deal in 2021, have announced a brand sponsorship for one the world’s oldest international football stadiums.

And their home will now be known as The SToK Cae Ras – or SToK Racecourse – after they sold the naming rights to the American cold brew coffee brand. 

The news was announced by the pair in a video that poked fun at Britain’s traditional love of afternoon tea.

They swapped their players’ refreshment for STōK cold brew coffee – and when the squad found out their reaction was one of fury in the clip.

A cup was thrown in anger, and it narrowly missed hitting their newly-earned National League trophy, thanks to goalkeeper Ben Foster making the save.

Fans lapped up the clip after it was released on social media on Wrexham’s channels, although some were left a little confused as to what their stadium will be actually called from now on.

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One asked: “So is it called the stoke cold brew racecourse now?”


Another said: “So we’re now the Stoke Racecourse Stadium? Not a lot of thought went into that did it FFS!”

Another commented: “I like that the sponsor isn’t gambling etc, but I think it sounds an awful lot like “Stoke Racecourse…”

While a fellow fan said: “Brings a whole new meaning to a cold Tuesday in Stok.”

Meanwhile, Reynolds took the pee out of his Wrexham FC co-owner – by dedicating a urinal to him.

The Deadpool star unveiled a plaque bearing fellow actor Rob McElhenney’s face to mark his 45th birthday on Thursday.

Reynolds and McElhenney — who stars in long-running US sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia — took over the National League club last February, and immediately pumped £2million into it.

In February they forked out on 365 gin and tonics for fans to mark a year since their takeover.

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The now League Two side were also flown over to the USA as a reward for getting promoted earlier this month for a squad celebration in Las Vegas.

https://twitter.com/Wrexham_AFCFortunately Ben Foster was on hand to save the day in the clip[/caption]

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