Ronaldo’s bodybuilder ex Michele Umezu reveals using steroids gave her ‘insatiable’ appetite for sex

BRAZIL legend Ronaldo’s ex Michele Umezu has revealed using steroids sent her libido into overdrive.

The pair have a child together named Alexander but only dated for short spell.

Michele Umezu revealed she once took steroids to help her bulk up

But the drugs sent her libido into overdrive

Michele has been a bodybuilder for several years

She has a child with Brazil legend Ronaldo

Michele is an avid bodybuilder and once used steroids to aid her bulk, but it had some unwanted side effects.

The Brazilian revealed drug use resulted in hair loss and acne, while also increasing her sexdrive significantly.

She told local media: “I didn’t understand much about the subject during that period.

“My ex administered everything incorrectly, and I had acne, thicker body hair, hair loss, and my voice changed at the time.

“In fact, there are some hormones like testosterone that increase libido, and usually women who use them have a high libido… I became insatiable.

“This is not healthy, it was already a collateral problem of the hormone as well. They say testosterone is a youth hormone drug.”

Michele, 41, is still a fitness fanatic and regularly shares photos and videos from the gym on social media.

She boasts 207,000 followers on Instagram and last year revealed she was searching for a husband.


Michele even underwent a procedure so she could get married in a church as a “virgin”.

She said: “I’m looking for a man with the same purposes and faith as me.

“I’m not ashamed to say this, because it’s what I really want.”

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