Ronaldo Still Running At 37 – Pastor Ibiyeomie Reveals Problem With Nigerian Footballers


The General Overseer of Salvation Ministry, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has revealed the major problem of Nigerian footballers.

According to the cleric, fake age is the problem that hinders Nigerian footballers from performing.

Ibiyeomie while addressing his congregation during mid-week service said some Nigerian players are tired at 32, unlike 37-year-old Manchester United player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

He alleged that a Nigerian player who is a twin claimed to be 31-year-old when his twin brother celebrated 42 years.

Ibiyeomie said, “Most Nigerian footballers keep reducing their age and when they say that they are 32, they can’t run, but Ronaldo is still running at 37. They can’t run again because that is not their true age, the man is already in his 40s.

“There was a Nigerian footballer I won’t call his name, he is a twin from his name you will know he is a twin, they have the way they call their names.

“Now, his twin brother was already 42 when he was 31, so I wonder how they were twins so he retired early at 31, 32 he retired because there was no way he could run, Messi mate cannot play football again.”

This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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