Ricky Hatton undergoes serious operation on hand after contracting rare disease that forced him to stop training


RICKY HATTON underwent a serious operation on his hand after the British boxing legend contracted a rare disease.

Hatton, who has been away in Thailand, posted a picture of his right hand all stitches up with bruising and cuts around it.

Instagram / @rickyhattonRicky Hatton underwent a serious operation on his hand[/caption]

Instagram / @rickyhattonRicky Hatton suffered from Dupuytren’s disease[/caption]

But the two-weight world champion revealed the aftermath of his surgery having suffered from Dupuytren’s disease. 

Hatton, 44, posted: “Had a great time away but can’t wait to get back in the gym with me boxers.

“Had a serious operation when I got Dupuytrens disease. I’ve not been able to punch or do pads for about 3 month.

“At least my boxers all had finished there fights for the year before I had the operation.

“Having said that it’s been a frustrating & worrying time for me as you can see from my first photo.

“The amount of work it is in such a small & complicated area in your hand & around your fingers.

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“But ready to start back now which has been a relief. Baby steps though.”

Dupuytren contracture is described as “a painless condition that causes one or more fingers to bend toward the palm of the hand.”

The affected fingers are not able to straighten completely and form knots of tissue under the skin.

They eventually create a thick cord that pulls the fingers into a bent position.

Hatton began training boxers in his Manchester gym after retiring professionally in 2012.

But last November he made a shock comeback to face Mexican great Marco Antonio Barrera, 49, in an exhibition bout in Manchester.

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Hatton has opened the door to another spectacle fight for fun and even called out Floyd Mayweather, 45, to a rematch following his 2007 loss.

PAMarco Antonio Barrera and Ricky Hatton before their exhibition[/caption]

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