Referees get MASSAGES paid for by the home team before every game as new list of dietary rules BANS sandwiches


REFEREES are given massages ahead of Premier League fixtures and it’s paid for by the home team.

Not only are they pampered on the massage table, but they have also been given a strict list of dietary rules that bans them from having sandwiches.

ReutersPremier League referees are given massages before every game and are now following a strict diet on a matchday[/caption]

GettyThe changes have come in under new PGMOL boss Howard Webb[/caption]

According to a report by the Mail Online, the PGMOL have stepped up support of their officials and now view them as athletes.

This has meant a whole host of new provisions, dietary plans and changes to the way that both clubs and referees deal with a matchday.

Officials, who arrive at the ground two hours before kick off, receive a meal before and after the game.

But the PGMOL are now ensuring that any food provided follows a strict list of requirements.

Sandwiches are out of the window and referees will instead by fed things like rice cakes topped with nut butter, breakfast bars and fresh fruit.

After the games they have requested things like sushi, curry, cakes and high protein foods.

The changes are said to be spearheaded by former Manchester United doctor Steve McNally who is now the performance support director at the PGMOL.

There has been plenty of refereeing changes since former official Howard Webb was appointed as Chief Refereeing Officer for the PGMOL.

This includes the addition of pre-match massages which are paid for by the home team for the game they are refereeing.


But despite all the new fangled techniques and changes around Premier League referees, fans are stull unhappy with their decision making on the pitch.

Current ref Simon Hooper has already had to apologise for a mistake this season which has seen him taken off his duties for a week.

Whilst Man Utd star Bruno Fernandes has already demanded an apology for the officiating of Michael Oliver.

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