Premier League must hit every team with same harsh penalties after Everton ignored financial rules


THE Premier League has finally shown it has the teeth to deal with clubs ignoring financial rules.

But having handed Everton the harshest penalty in the competition’s history, League chiefs must now demonstrate that the same bar is there for EVERYONE.

ReutersEverton were found to have deliberately lost £19.5m more than allowed over three years[/caption]

GettyEverton have been pushed into the relegation zone, but fans will be looking to see if the likes of Chelsea and Man City are treated as harshly if found to have breached rules[/caption]

Yesterday’s ten-point deduction, plunging Everton into the relegation zone, could imperil the club’s very future.

Everton were found to have deliberately lost £19.5m more than allowed over three years and then attempted to mislead the League over their finances.

Their punishment is tough but fitting.

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Yet Everton fans — and those of other clubs — will now expect even tougher sanctions if giants Man City and Chelsea are also proven to have ridden roughshod over the rules.

City were hit with 115 charges, for alleged offences in seven seasons, in February, just weeks before Everton were next in the Prem’s bad books.

And while the Treble winners are contesting the allegations, there are plenty who do not believe you can have that much smoke without some fire.

Chelsea actually flagged up breaches that allegedly saw millions syphoned illicitly out of the club, pinning the blame on Roman Abramovich’s old regime.

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Yet fans of many clubs, not just Everton, will demand City and Chelsea are held to the same standards. And if that means relegation for two of the Prem’s shining symbols, so be it. If they are guilty, they MUST be hurt.

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