OnlyFans star Paige VanZant reveals incredible wardrobe malfunction during UFC fight as she nearly flashed her boobs


PAIGE VANZANT revealed a wardrobe malfunction while fighting in the UFC nearly left her boobs on show.

The American had nine bouts in the octagon before leaving with an MMA record of 8-5.

Paige VanZant’s Q&A on Instagram VanZant formerly fought for the UFC[/caption]

She crossed over to bare-knuckle boxing, suffering defeats in both her fights, and has not been in action since.

VanZant, 29, has recently been focussed on building her fanbase outside the sport and now has 3.2MILLION followers on Instagram.

She also runs a popular OnlyFans account while interacting with her followers on social media via Q&As.

In the latest edition, one fan asked: “What is a worse in an MMA fight: wardrobe malfunction or a loud fart?”

And VanZant replied: “I’ve been very close to a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of a crazy fight with Felice Herrig.

“I was standing up and she upkicked towards me as she was on her back and her heel got stuck in my top and started pulling my top down.

“So instead of focusing on fighting I was focusing on pulling her foot out of my bra so I wouldn’t expose everybody.”

Impressively, VanZant managed to overcome the mishap and beat Herrig on points in their 2015 fight.

In another revealing Q&A, the former flyweight contender opened up about her boob job.

She said: “There are zero cons. Boobies are really the best thing ever.

“I always wanted a pair when I was a kid, they never came in. So I bought mine, best decision ever.”

Instagram @paigevanzantPaige VanZant runs an OlnyFans account[/caption]

INSTAGRAM – @PAIGEVANZANTPaige VanZant has 3.2m followers on Instagram[/caption]

Instagram @paigevanzantThe American had nine bouts in the UFC[/caption]

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