Misfits boxing fans concerned as Armz Korelone is ‘stretchered’ off after passing out from exhaustion’ despite WINNING 


INFLUENCER boxing fans were left concerned after Armz Korleone was stretchered out of the ring due to exhaustion.

The bodybuilder turned combat sports enthusiast was back in action on Friday night on the undercard of Misfits Boxing‘s latest show, which took place at York Hall.

ARMZ KNOCKS MINIKON DOWN IN R1 pic.twitter.com/zTvt178drK

— Most Wanted (@mostwantedrellz) November 17, 2023

MISFITS/DAZNMan-mountain Armz Korelone rematched Malcolm Minikon on the latest Misfits card[/caption]

MISFITS/DAZNThe Instagram famous bodybuilder won their rematch via unanimous decision but was exhausted[/caption]

MISFITS/DAZNArmz had to be held up by one of his cornermen[/caption]

He was placed on a stretchered and taken out of the ring due to exhaustion

Armz was victorious at the hallowed venue, winning his rematch with Malcolm Minikon via unanimous decision.

But the man-mountain was left hyperventilating and in desperate need of assistance after having his hand raised.

And medics stretchered him out of the ring to the backstage area to give him a once-over.

Viewers of the card were quick to express their concern, with one writing on X: “Hoping Armz is okay.”

Another said: “Wishing Armz a speedy recovery.”

And another said: “That may have been one of the most brutal fights to watch in influencer boxing, but I genuinely hope Armz is okay.”

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One remarked: “Armz is being taken out on a stretcher again… f**k man.”

Another chimed in: “F**k the ref and f**k Armz’s corner.


@INSTAGRAM@ARMZKORLEONEArmz Korleone is known for his incredible feats of strength[/caption]

“Armz [was] clearly was not okay in the 4th, and anyone can see that fight should’ve been stopped! Praying he’s well.”

Armz rose to fame on Instagram – where he boasts over 517,000 followers – with several hilarious gym-based comedy skits and incredible feats of strength.

He told SunSport: “It’s a combination of my physique, my work ethic and my personality and how I created my videos and content.

“I always aimed to have my content be very interactive, not the normal thing you see.”

His focus on combat sports in recent years has seen him put weight lifting on the backburner, although he still likes to press a heavy dumbbell or two.

He “When it comes to mixed martial arts, there is no room for weight training, unless you make time.

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“Mixed martial arts and boxing are two different sports, when I do my mixed martial arts training, there’s a lot of wrestling, a lot of jiu-jitsu, striking, boxing, kickboxing.

“For two hours you’re constantly getting slammed on the floor, you’re doing locks, getting choked out, then you have to do striking.

“So after all of that, there’s not really any room for weight lifting. But I’ve been pushing myself, so I do still get my weight lifting in.”

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