Michael Block hits amazing hole in one at PGA Championship on the fly and his stunned reaction is picked up by TV mics

Michael Block nailed a hole-in-one and was left speechless with the shot.

The 46-year-old golfer hit an ace at the PGA Championship on Sunday, and cameras picked up his fantastic reaction as he couldn’t believe it.

Michael Block was stunned after his hole in one

Michael Block has shocked fans with his play during the PGA Championship

Block stepped into the tee box at the 15th hole and dunked the shot on the 151-yard par-3 at the Oak Hill Country Club course.

The t.v broadcast picks up the audio, and you can hear the moment he realizes the ball went in.

“It didn’t go in, did it?” Block asked.

His caddy responded and confirmed it was in the hole.

The long-time golfer said, “No, no, no way.” and asked fellow player Rory McIlroy if it went in, and he confirmed and embraced him.

Block was greeted with loud cheers when he got to the green to pick his ball out of the hole.

He held the ball to the camera, wrote a “1” on his scorecard, and circled it.

Block is in the middle of one of the best rounds of his career. 

After 54 holes played, he found himself at even par and entered the final round in the top 10.

On Saturday, he got the news on live air that he would be playing in McIlroy’s group for his final round, and 

‘Are you serious?’ he asked the reporter who told him the news before taking a moment to process the information.

Block teaches golf lessons at a public course in southern California when not on tour. 

He charges $125 for a 45-minute lesson as a golf instructor, per Joe Pompliano.

This Missouri product is playing in his fifth PGA Championship. This is his first time making a major tournament cut.

He’s played in 24 PGA Tour events over his career. He has made the cut in just four of those tournaments. 

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