Micah Richards’ bizarre antics live on podcast leave Gary Lineker shocked as he says ‘it’s quite early for that’


MICAH RICHARDS shadow-boxed as he was introduced by Gary Lineker on the latest episode of The Rest is Football.

The duo launched their new podcast alongside Alan Shearer last month.

The Rest is FootballA beaming Micah Richards shadow-boxed as he was introduced[/caption]

Gary Lineker thought it was a bit early for physical activityThe Rest is Football

This week’s show began with some high energy stuff from the charismatic Richards.

Lineker, 62, introduced the episode by saying: “It’s the big man partnership for us up top today in the shape of Alan Shearer and Micah Richards.”

During Lineker’s intro, a beaming Richards began shadow boxing towards his camera, taking the Match of the Day presenter by surprise.

Not breaking stride from his initial intro, Lineker continued: “Ooh Micah’s doing punching.

“It’s quite early in the morning on a Monday morning for that kind of exercise Micah.”

Lineker went on to ask Richards about his weekend, with the 35-year-old admitting it was “boring”.

He then added that he was glad to watch all of the football, having been recording TV show A League of Their Own last week.

Shearer then popped in with some banter, saying: “They must have been struggling for guests because they asked me on one of your shows last week.”


Richards howled with laughter before replying: “We couldn’t afford you, what are you on about?”

Shearer, 53, went on to joke that he’d rather pick up dog muck in his garden.

This prompted plenty more laughter from the gang, before Lineker got the show back on track.

The Rest is FootballThe trio were in stitches after Alan Shearer’s gag[/caption]

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