Meet stunning influencer Isabelle Shee, called ‘Sock Girl, who was kicked out of golf country clubs for her short skirts

MEET stunning golf influencer Isabelle Shee, who has amassed a staggering 295,000 followers on Instagram.

The Californian, 28, has been nicknamed ‘Sock Girl’ online for her attire on the course. Shee is one of golf’s biggest influencers[/caption] is famous for her knee-high socks on the course[/caption], the golf community has scolded her for how she dresses[/caption]

However, it’s her risqué outfits that have caused a stir in the stiff golfing community.

Some country clubs banned her from their courses because of her short skirts and knee-high accessories.

But, through her company Inside Story Golf she has packaged her own luxury golf socks made sustainably.

Who’s having the last laugh?

Rough treatment

Shee, whose sister Kat is also a golf enthusiast, has been given a hard time for her glam approach when it comes to what she wears when she plays a round.

She said: “My experience has been interesting, to say the least.

“I definitely am a more controversial golf figure as I don’t stick to the traditional wardrobe.

“I have been stared at, kicked out of country clubs for and chastised for wearing shorter skirts and long socks.

“For me, I love socks because in a world where it can be a bit conservative, such as at work or the golf course, socks can be one of the only accessories that can show a bit of flare and personality.”

Style over substance

Isabelle’s trademark look with her knee-high socks was something she started doing when she was 13.

She admitted that her performance is affected if she doesn’t think she looks good on the course.

“There are days when I miss my alarm and have to rush to my tee time, make-up half done and clothes not matching, and will play absolutely awful solely because I wasn’t confident with my appearance,” she said. admitted that feeling glam when she’s playing makes her better[/caption] in March, Shee turned 28[/caption] shows off her incredible bikini body to her 295,000 followers on Instagram[/caption]

“The truth was, nobody could tell the difference with my appearance except myself but my uncertainty was easily translated into my golf game.

“I definitely think that it is tougher for women when it comes to image.

“However, I don’t think it is unfair because sometimes it is self-induced as we tend to be harder on ourselves when it comes to our appearance compared to men.

“Looking stylish is very important to me in sport.”


As one of a number of female golf influencers, Isabelle is glad that the likes of Paige Spiranac exist – who were once former players and can express themselves how they like online.

“I am very thankful for some golf figures who are changing the game, such as Paige Spiranac and Tisha Abrea.’s glam appearance is like other Instagram influencers out there[/caption]

The Shee Sisters, Isabelle and Kat together at the recent Coachella festival

Shee enjoys the fun side of golf and being who she is

“These women show a fun side of golf and in my opinion, are truly growing the game by encouraging non golfers to join this magnificent game,” she said.

May they all continue to be an influence.

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