Lewis Hamilton only appeared in video game Fortnite after the makers of the game agreed to his bizarre request


LEWIS HAMILTON was happy to appear in Fortnite – but only if the creators included his bulldog Roscoe.

The 39-year-old shocked the sporting world before the start of the season by announcing that he would leave Mercedes for Ferrari in 2025.

.@LewisHamilton only agreed to be in Fortnite if they included his bulldog Roscoe https://t.co/AqDolwTsC7 https://t.co/Pcy7Lvrcnr pic.twitter.com/hQ4Y58Cb9q

— GQ Sports (@GQSports) April 1, 2024

ForniteHamilton first joined Fortnite’s Icon Series in November[/caption]

Hamilton’s bulldog Roscoe is a regular guest on the F1 paddockGetty

Fortnite is an online gaming platform released by Epic Games in 2017 and is now worth a whopping £31.5billion.

Within a year, the virtual world had captured the imaginations of millions worldwide, including Hamilton himself who first picked up the console in 2018.

When organisers learned about his interest in playing the game, they collaborated to bring the racer into the virtual world of Fortnite in November 2023.

Notably, the skins are devoid of any Mercedes branding and instead embrace another element the seven-time world champion is known for – his style.

One of the two skins features the F1 star in a black suit that is accented with bright yellow and pink strips.

Accessories on this skin include a beaded necklace, sunglasses, a single earring, a ring and a watch — with plenty of exposed tattoos.

Also making his gaming debut was Hamilton’s bulldog Roscoe, who is present in two of the give items in the bundle.

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Roscoe, who currently has 961K Instagram followers, features as dangly back bling, and also makes an appearance perched on the front of the Hamilton’s surfboard-like glider.


In the GQ video, a question that came up was, “Lewis Hamilton is in Fortnite?” 

Hamilton replied: “Yep. I got the opportunity to be in Fortnite. It’s a game that I played for a long time, but I said only if Roscoe could be in it.

“They were like, ‘No problem.’ So Roscoe is in my jet pack hovering behind me as he’s my psychic.”

There is no doubt about how fond the Mercedes driver is of his bulldog.

Hamilton joined a steadily growing number of noted sports stars and celebrities to be turned into Fortnite skins as part of the Icons series.

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These include, England captain Harry Kane, tennis star Naomi Osaka, LeBron James, and Neymar Jr, Marco Reus and three-time super-bowl winner Patrick Mahomes.

Hamilton’s interview with the fashion mag also saw him talk about the controversial conclusion to the otherwise thrilling 2021 F1 title fight.

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