Lewis Hamilton grimaces as he ‘eats a DOG biscuit’ in NFL schedule release video for team F1 star part owns


LEWIS HAMILTON was left grimacing after eating a “DOG TREAT” that “not even Roscoe would like”.

Formula One star Hamilton was appearing in a promotional video with the Denver Broncos that was revealing their NFL schedule for next season.

Denver BroncosLewis Hamilton was not impressed by some of the food on offer while filming a video for the Denver Broncos[/caption]

Denver BroncosOne of the dishes saw Hamilton eating a ‘dog treat’[/caption]

Denver BroncosIt came as part of the Broncos way of revealing their schedule to fans[/caption]

Hamilton, 39, became a part owner of the Broncos in 2022.

While he has only managed to visit games infrequently, due to his own busy schedule in F1, the viral megastar was doing his part to promote the team to new fans – including the 37 million followers he has on Instagram.

The video kicked off with a snippet of Hamilton saying “that one’s definitely the worst one” as he ate one dish before he introduced his purpose in the video.

His first taste test saw him tucking into some ranch and carrot sticks from Indiana representing the Indianapolis Colts, with Hamilton describing the meal as “banging”.

Next up was a potato pierogi, or a “Yinzer”, representing the Pittsburgh Steelers. And the Brit was again impressed, saying: “This is so good.”

His third item was a Creole Gumbo representing the New Orleans Saints.

However, Hamilton was not a fan of this dish, and started off his review by saying: “It smells and it tastes a little bit like something Roscoe (his dog) would eat.”

Next up was a Peach Cobbler from Atlanta representing the Atlanta Falcons. Again Hamilton was not impressed, savagely remarking: “This is not good. This is southern food? This is southern’s finest?”


Hamilton then got his hands on some southern grits representing the Carolina Panthers.

The seven time world champion could be seen visibly and audibly gagging as he tried to eat the food before saying: “That one’s definitely the worst one.

“The texture is so slimy. It looks like something you would see in the Matrix,” Hamilton then began doing a stirring motion with his hand.

He concluded: “It’s like what you would imagine they have in prison. That’s prison food. That one really offended me.”

Next up was something vegan Hamilton was more familiar with, avocado toast, representing the Los Angeles Chargers.

Hamilton really appeared to enjoy it, describing it as “bomb”.

The next plate sensationally revealed a “dog treat” from the Cleveland Browns.

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And while the treat actually consisted of peanut butter, pumpkin, oat flour and flaxseed, Hamilton gagged and said: “Nah I’ll leave that to Roscoe. I don’t even think Roscoe is going to like that to be honest.”

Inside track on Hamilton’s life

LEWIS HAMILTON has driven his way into pole position as Formula One’s most prolific winner.

The British speedster lives life in the fast lane both on and off the track, with a string of high-profile romances and jet-set lifestyle.

Hamilton made his name at McLaren and Mercedes but stunned the racing world by signing a £100million deal to join Ferrari for next season.

His exploits have seen him rub shoulders with Hollywood icon Brad Pitt but Lew snubbed the chance to feature in Top Gun 2.

And fans can follow his fortunes on the latest season of Netflix’s smash hit Drive To Survive.

Hamilton’s talent saw him go from humble origins in Stevenage to boasting an £11m car collection.

He joined celeb dating app Raya after splitting from Brazilian beauty Juliana Nalu.

And his exes are said to include Rita Ora, Rihanna and Nicole Scherzinger.

Hamilton was embroiled in a bitter feud with Nico Rosberg but the pair buried the hatchet to sport £35k watches they were given for FREE.

He also shared high-profile battles with Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel.

But his most shocking showdown saw Max Verstappen handed the World Championship over him by a controversial safety car decision.

The Brit is chasing a record eighth world title – the first of which came in 2008 and has seen Felipe Masa sue F1 for £62m after a crash saw him miss out.

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Next up was some KC style pulled jackfruit and barbeque sauce representing the Kansas City Chiefs.

Hamilton was mixed about it, saying: “That’s damn good barbeque sauce. [But] Is it supposed to be spicy? It’s not really spicy.”

Then came a Cincinnati chilli representing the Cincinnati Bengals, which Hamilton impressed. He said: “I actually like it. I get the hype.”

Some of the outtakes from the video were played at the end, including one clip of Hamilton asking whether it was “real dog biscuit”.

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Hamilton reportedly has a net worth of £300million.

He will be back in action on the F1 grid this weekend at the Imola Grand Prix.

Instagram @lewishamiltonHamilton said even his dog Roscoe would have a tough time with some of the food[/caption]

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