Different Nigerian Lotteries and Where to Play Lottery Online in Nigeria

Know Different Nigerian Lotteries and Where to Play Lottery Online in Nigeria

Lottery is one of the most favorite ways of gambling in Nigeria and the world at large. This is also one form of gambling that has existed for generations. Over the course of their existence, this game has evolved to meet the needs of players that are also evolving.

A lot of people, Nigerians inclusive, have been drawn to this kind of game because it seems to be a very easy, perhaps the easiest way of amassing millions without putting in much effort. It has over the years taken a variety of forms, but the premise has always remained the same.

Nigeria’s Foremost Lottery Platform

There are a lot of lottery and Raffle Draw Auction platforms that have emerged in Nigeria and one of the foremost and best of them to play lotto is www.iauctionx.com. Playing of lotto is a lot easier, faster, and of course secure. iAuctionX is a fully licensed and regulated lottery platform on a mission to improve people’s lives and living standards. You get to play a variety of lotto games for a chance to win amazing prizes.

What are the different types of lottery games in Nigeria?

Lottery games exist in different types, like we already established. For the most part, the difference in these types has to do with the size of numbers to be picked. Some games require you to pick as much as six figures per ticket, while there are others where you only have to pick two, three or four numbers. This boundless variety in the lotteries can be categorized into:

  • Standard
  • Mini
  • Daily
  • Federal

Let us briefly look into each of these types of lottery games.

Standard Lotto

This is otherwise known as the traditional kind of lottery, where it requires selecting 6 numbers within a specified given range known as pool. Whoever guesses 6 numbers from the pool is the jackpot winner. The draw for this kind of lottery game is usually conducted two times in a week. However, with different regions comes a different routine.

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Mini Lotto

This type of lotto is similar to the traditional/or standard lotto. One of the differences is that the sum of money to be won is usually very less when compared to that of the standard lotto. Additionally, a mini lottery in Nigeria is held more often than the lottery and naturally, the odds that you will end up a winner are higher. This way, you can play often in hopes that you will be able to win a huge amount of money with time.

Daily lotto

As suggested by the name, in this kind of lotto game, winning draws are done on a daily basis – once or twice. Taking part in this type of lottery is also simple. You get to pick five numbers and will be required to match at least two of these numbers to win the jackpot. As a lottery player in Nigeria, this could be an opportunity to test your luck quite often – say once or twice a week.

Multi State/Federal

The idea behind these types of lottery games is to join multiple states together so as to form a larger jackpot. This obviously means that more states that get involved, the higher will be the jackpot to be won. Also, the odds of winning the jackpot get lower with more states.

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Nigerians are one people that are known to be obsessed with playing the lottery. And luckily, this type of gambling is very much permitted in the country. There are a number of emerging lottery operators in Nigeria, and one of the best of them still remains www.iauctionx.com.

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