John Fury slams Logan Paul’s ‘absolutely disgusting’ mid-fight rant and says YouTuber ‘will do anything’ for views

JOHN FURY slammed Logan Paul for his “absolutely disgusting” mid-fight rant and said the YouTuber “will do anything’ for views.”

John was cornering his son to victory against the American’s brother Jake in Saudi Arabia when Logan was interviewed between rounds.

ReutersLogan and Jake Paul react to Tommy Fury’s win[/caption]

And in full voice, he shouted: “Tommy, if you can hear me, you a bitch, bro and you’re gassing out.

“You a bitch, the whole Fury family are a bitch.”

The comments did not go down well with John, who told The Express, via Free Bets: “Absolutely disgusting.

“Him piping up in a fight like that is not professional, but it just shows you that you are dealing with adolescent children, aren’t you?

“Because the comments during the fight are just ridiculous. That’s not professional.

“It doesn’t work, it’s bad for the viewers, it’s bad for everybody involved in it, in the game.

“But it is what it is, they are what they are, they’re YouTubers. They’ll do anything.

“They’ll give their left nut up for a viewing figure and he obviously thought it would enhance his status as a YouTuber coming out with all that stupidity. But we knew it was coming anyway.”


Logan, 27, revealed he tried to get into Tommy’s head with the goad only for it to backfire.

He said on his podcast: “Some people seem to be upset that I cut a promo mid-fight.

“What I was trying to do was – because I was on the mic – and you can hear it in the arena and I knew Tommy was sitting in his corner.

“And Jake was losing, so I just tried to talk s*** and get in Tommy’s head. The issue is, it just p****d him off.

“Because the round started and he just f****g unleashed a gnarly combination on Jake. I was like, ‘I just made him mad.’”

Fury, 23, edged past Paul, 26, by split-decision and although they remain linked with a summer rematch, John said NO talks have taken place.

He revealed: “It depends on what they want to do, but at the moment, Tommy’s put a hard training camp in.

“We spent 10 weeks in camps, one, two months ready. So, you know, it’s probably going to be later on in the year.

“I’ve not spoke to people connected to either, you know, so I think Jake Paul’s having a rest, just like we are, and his team and his people, we’ll be on it in due course. We’ve not spoken about anything yet.”

GettyJake Paul was beaten on points by Tommy Fury[/caption]

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