Jake Paul names three conditions to fight KSI and YouTuber ready to clash in UK to secure grudge match


JAKE PAUL has named the three conditions he will give to fight KSI.

And the American is even prepared to box in the UK if that’s what it takes to secure the grudge match.

GettyJake Paul has laid down three conditions to fight KSI… and they all suit the Brit[/caption]

Paul says he is ready to let KSI fight in front of a UK crowdRex

Paul, 26, has successfully made the transition from YouTube star to pro boxer after making his debut nearly four years ago.

The ace has won seven of his eight fights so far, with his one loss coming against Tommy Fury.

Following August’s win over ex-UFC star Nate Diaz, Paul returns to the ring next month to take on Andre August.

But he’s already lining up his next opponent in KSI.

The Brit, 30, has already seen off Paul’s older brother Logan.

And his boxing pro record stands at four wins and one defeat in six outings.

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KSI has kept a low profile since also being beaten by Love Island star Fury.

However, Paul is ready to take him on next year and has even put three conditions on the table — all of which are in KSI’s favour.


Paul told Ariel Helwani that KSI could fight in the UK, be the A-side of the card, and go in at his preferred weight of 185lbs.

Paul explained: “You can be the A-side, we can do it on your home turf, 185lbs. What’s the excuse? Where is the negotiation getting stalled at?”

Paul continued: “All of this has always depended on KSI and him actually wanting to do this. He just hasn’t wanted to.

“I think the [Fury] loss and how badly it hurt his ego… kind of just shows if he’s that salty about that loss, if he would lose to me, it would be the end of his entire world.

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“I don’t think he’s ready for that mental burden and risk everything to fight me.

“I just don’t think he’s going to come back to the boxing ring. He’s playing video games, doing reaction videos, while I’m sparring world champions.”

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