Jack Grealish gets title-winning trim as fans worry star will adopt ‘Cristiano Ronaldo noodle hair’

JACK GREALISH was compared with two ex-Manchester United hair-oes after the City star had a title-winning trim.

Most cuttingly, one fan compared the midfielder’s snip to Cristiano Ronaldo “noodle” style blond streaks.

Man City playmaker Jack Grealish’s sees his frosted tips unveiledInstagram @astarbarbers

AFPFormer Man Utd, Real Madrid and Juventus attacker Cristiano Ronaldo, who is now with Al-Nassr, has experimented with ‘noodle’ cuts’ in the past[/caption]

And another labelled the England ace “the David Beckham of Wish”.

But most observers were were more generous with their verdict as a clip of Grealish having frosted tips added to his slicked back undercut was posted by a stylist

Pep Guardiola’s men overturned Arsenal‘s eight-point lead to win their third Premier League crown in a row with three games to spare.

And in the first of those matches they rested their big names yet still beat Chelsea 1-0 amid an Etihad title party on Sunday.

So fans were delighted to see Grealish, 27, relaxing during downtime.

He was shown texting during his haircut – before whipping off the hairdresser’s cape covering his body to reveal he was wearing just shorts.

But one viewer referenced Ronaldo‘s notorious noodle style, which the 38-year-old has dabbled with over the past two decades.

Grealish might normally be flattered to win comparisons with the legendary five-time Ballon d’Or winner.


And the day after team-mate Erling Haaland turned the air blue by dropping the F-bomb on Grealish during a live TV interview, the ex-Aston Villa skipper turned streaks of his hair blond ala the Portugal striker.

He didn’t go the full Ron way, however, as one fan noted: “Thought he gonna transform into Ronaldo noodle hair.”

Another poster wrote: “Champions haircut for my guy @jackgrealish fully deserved.”

Similar compliments included: “He’s always got great hair” … “King” … and “very nice”.

And one fan said: “With a matte product finish and without the hair band jacks hair looks so hot.”

But one observer spotted Grealish was slouching over his phone.

She wrote: “He really needs to show some respect, get off his phone and sit up straight.”

But surely after such an incredible season – and with a club Treble still possible – Grealish should be cut some slack.

Instagram @astarbarbersJack Grealish was reprimanded by one fan online for slouching and using his phone[/caption]

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