I’m Georgina Rodriguez’s double, I work on Spanish TV and people say we were separated at birth

GEORGINA Rodriguez is recognised as one of the world’s most beautiful Wags.

And as the partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, she is used to living the glam life.

Mas Vale TardeGeorgina Rodriguez’s double works for Spanish TV[/caption]

Mas Vale TardeCarmen Gill was shown on TV as Georgina’s double[/caption]

A former shop assistant at Gucci in Madrid, her elegance knows no bounds.

Recently, she appeared on El Hormiguero to discuss her life.

But, TV viewers in Spain have been shocked to discover she also has a double.

During Más Vale Tarde, the show’s producers revealed they had their very own Georgina Rodriguez in their newsroom.

And the only difference between the pair, was their version was a journalist.

“We have made a very important discovery,” host Maria Lamela revealed.

She continued: “Well, we have found Georgina Rodríguez’s double, but we haven’t even had to leave the newsroom because she is a colleague of ours.”

An image of staffer Carmen Gill then flashed on the screen alongside the real McCoy, and the resemblance to the Netflix star was uncanny.

Gasps were heard in the studio, followed by “Wow!” as the image stayed on the screen.

The host said: “Her name is Carmen Gil, she is a partner of Más Vale Tarde , and not only have we forced her to dress the same as Georgina last night, to put on makeup the same as Georgina last night (on El Hormiguero).”

Compliments from the presenters verged from “ours is beautiful” to “impressive”.

However, it was TV personality Inaki Lopez who pointed out one subtle difference.


“The only difference is that ours comes to work by bus. The rest are two drops of water. Separated at birth”.

Lopez added that Gill was also “more widely read” than Rodriguez.

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