I’m a UFC champ in an open marriage with my wife but she doesn’t bed other men – now I’m receiving angry threats


UFC champ Sean O’Malley claims to have been threatened after revealing details of his open relationship with his wife.

Suga reached the pinnacle of mixed martial arts‘ top promotion last month with a stunning second-round knockout of former bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292.

GettySean O’Malley became UFC men’s bantamweight champion last month[/caption]

INSTAGRAM@HAIR.BY.DANYASuga is in an open relationship with his wife Danya and openly talks about it[/caption]

GETTYEx-UFC 205lbs champ Vitor Belfort has taken exception to O’Malley’s lifestyle[/caption]

In the weeks after his title triumph, the surging superstar divulged the intimate details of his marriage to Danya Gonzalez.

O’Malley revealed that Gonzalez – the mother of his daughter – allows him to bed other women as per the terms of their open relationship.

That news irked former UFC light-heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort, who fan favourite O’Malley claims sent him an angry message on social media.

During a recent episode of his podcast, O’Malley revealed: “You see what’s going viral?”

“I’ll say it so people can clip this too, it said I can cheat on my wife because I’m the king and I pay for everything, you see that going viral as f**k? It’s fire.

“Vitor Belfort messaged me he said he wants to kick my a**.

“Vitor’s gonna f***ing beat my a now, but I mean relationships are relationships, they work or they don’t.

“We’ve been together for what eight years or some s**t, doing good so it’s crazy how people just.


“It’s like you get married, you f*** have a girlfriend and you live this one way.

“Any other way is not okay. It doesn’t work for everyone like that.”

O’Malley, 28, stunned fans with his omission about his open relationship with hairdresser Gonzalez.

But the open aspect of their relationship is seemingly a one-way street.

He said: “I’m a king. I pay for everything. I treat Danny like a queen.

“If I get a little p**s on the side, what does that have to do with anything?

Instagram/@hairapy.by.danyaSean O’Malley is happy to talk about his open relationship[/caption]

“I have testosterone running through my veins – it’s that f*g simple.

“I wouldn’t say that if I was in the opposite position, if I wasn’t paying for everything, if I wasn’t successful.

“If I was an average Joe, it probably wouldn’t be fair.

“But I feel like I’m f*****g King Kong.”

O’Malley currently doesn’t have an opponent lined up for his first title defence, which he’s hoping will take place by year’s end.

Former foe Marlon Vera is a contender to be his next opponent, although it’s unclear if the UFC brass are keen on the fight.

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