I’m a hair transplant doctor for Premier League stars – the procedure can change their lives and make them even better

PREMIER LEAGUE stars have access to some of the best facilities in the world – including hair care.

Players and managers alike have stunned fans with incredible hair transplants that have rejuvenated their luscious locks.

Getty Images – GettyAntonio Conte started losing his hair in his twenties[/caption]

AFP or licensorsBut now has a luscious head of hair thanks to a transplant[/caption]

The person responsible for helping a lot of the players is Dr Victor Hasson, who works as a hair transplant doctor in Vancouver, Canada.

He told The Telegraph: “I have worked on players whose lives have been changed.

“They are able to perform at a high level when they have that confidence.

“It’s an abstract kind of decision to have surgery but essentially, when you feel comfortable, and you feel and look good, it is tremendous to have that confidence.”

While he has not disclosed his client list, former Tottenham and Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is his most famous.

The Italian, 53, started to lose his hair in his twenties and after treatment in Italy, he turned to Hasson for a permanent solution.

Conte revealed that he was happy with the results after he had gone to Vancouver to see Hasson.

The success of his practice along with partner Dr Jerry Wong has seen the drugs used in the process removed from the list of banned substances.


Hasson’s clinic does not come cheap though as the cost of restoring a hairline can close to £13,000.

While rejuvenation of the top of the head and crown can cost between £20,000 to £24,000.

Another football star who has recently wowed with the transition is Arsenal ace Rob Holding.

The defender was going bald but returned to the limelight when people noticed his hair had returned thanks to the procedure.

However, Holding, 27, instead visited the Wimpole Clinic in London and was helped by Dr Luciano Sciacca.

The success of his treatment has seen him need to wear a hairband during matches to stop his hair from covering his eyes.

Michael Panayiotis Kokotsis, the clinic’s marketing manager, admitted that the reaction to his results have been very positive.

He said: “For Rob, the result was absolutely fantastic.

GettyRob Holding also had a transplant[/caption]

GettyThe defender now wears an Alice-band to keep his hair in check when playing[/caption]

“He has been great for our business because lots of young men are looking at him [losing his hair] and saying, ‘Wow, that’s me’.

Holding has been open about his surgery, which is, by its very nature, hard to miss.

On World Mental Health Day in October, Holding tweeted about how his new hair had benefited his mental health.

Kokotsis says it struck a chord with many young men, adding: “He [Holding] was very open about it.

“Every time he plays, I see a spike in our analytics. On the day he scored that headed goal against West Ham [May 1 last year], it went through the roof.

“People see him and he is a walking advertisement for what a fantastic hair transplant looks like.”

Kokotsis claimed that former Manchester United star Wayne Rooney‘s £30,000 procedure may have put normal people off of the idea, but claimed the average cost of hair transplants is £5,000 in Britain.

Along with Rooney, Holding and Conte is Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp another famous face in football that is open about the results that he saw.

While there are others in the sport that have not spoken about their process, despite results wanting to be noticed.

Getty Images – GettyWayne Rooney also had the procedure in his playing days[/caption]

PA:Press AssociationAnd it helped stop him from going bald[/caption]

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