I have to drain blood from my hands after every fight to stop me taking painkillers – these are the gruesome results


JONO CARROLL has revealed the gruesome reality of what he has to do to avoid taking painkillers after every fight.

The Irish boxer is still revelling in his win over Miguel Marriaga this month, but has shown what he has had to do to recover from the bout.

Jono Carroll boasts a 24-2-1 record and has won seven of his fights by knockout

He is currently ranked 11th by the International Boxing Federation

The 30-year-old took to Instagram to explain to his followers that he has to drain the fluid and blood out of his hand during camps and after fights.

And he posted a video that is not for the faint-hearted.

He said: “These are the gross things people don’t see, I need to do this sh*t during camp and after fights just to keep my hands ok,

“If I don’t do this I’m eating pain killers non stop, the things I do for this sport, just a boy chasing a dream.”

The technique is called wet cupping and it is an old medical technique used to reduce inflammation and draw out blood from the area.

It is very similar to the process of cupping, commonly used within sports such as swimming, where glass cups are applied to create a suction effect to help with inflammation, increasing blood circulation and reduce pain.

Wet cupping involves making a small puncture in the skin before allowing the suction to then draw out fluids and blood from the required area.

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The fighter has to draw thew blood into a small glass cup on his hand

A large lump and then bruise is left behind from the cup once the treatment is finished

Both types of cupping often leave large circular bruises on the skin of the person getting the treatment.

Although the technique sounds and looks strange it is very common in the world of sport.


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Carroll has not currently got another fight planned after his recent victory in Dubai.

But the Super Featherweight fighter has been rumoured to be facing a battle with Joseph ‘Jojo’ Diaz in the near future.

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