October 23, 2021


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I don’t recognize the ban from the Ghana FA – Kofi Manu

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Kofi Manu

Embattled Football administrator, Kofi Manu says hedoes not recognize the ban imposed on him by the Ghana Football Association (GFA) Ethics Committee.

Kofi Manu breached Article 18 of the GFA Code of Ethics (2019) (Duty to Cooperate) which imposes a duty to assist and cooperate truthfully, fully and in good faith with the Ethics Committee at all times, and not to take any action actually or apparently intended to obstruct, evade, or otherwise interfere with any actual or potential Ethics Committee proceedings.

The GFA Ethics Committee decided to ban Kofi Manu from taking part in all football-related activity for a period of one year for breaching Article 18 of the GFA Code of Ethics (2019).

A statement from the GFA said, Kofi Manu has failed to adhere to proceedings of the Ethics Committee leading to his ban for a year.

He was earlier on invited to appear before the committee following his involvement in the Number 12 documentary in which he was captured in the video accepting cash, a conduct against the Associations code of ethics.

According to Kofi Manu, the GFA Ethics Committee does not have a locus to impose any ban because the body is not constituted properly per the rules and regulations of the Association.

They should not use an illegality to ban someone. The Ethics Committee over there is constituted illegal; there should be two chambers to carry out this mandate. As I sit here, I do not recognize the ban and I will never respect it because they, themselves have shown disrespect for our regulations and statues, he said in an interview.

Kofi Manu indicated he is being witch-hunted by the GFA.

I am an official of a club, let them come and sack me from there lets see. I was very instrumental in Kurt Okraku becoming the GFA president then he comes around saying he cant work with his enemies. Who are his enemies?

Kofi Manu has stated emphatically he will not appear before the Ethics Committee.

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