Huge VAR shake-up will see referees explain decisions to stadium and TV audience at Club World Cup next week

REFEREES at the Club World Cup will announce the reason for VAR decisions to the audience in the stadium and at home, according to reports.

Ifab have authorised the trial, which will see referees mic’d up so spectators are made aware of their decisions, according to The Times.

ReutersReferees will announce their decision to the stadium and fans at home[/caption]

The report also adds that a similar trial could take place at the Women’s World Cup in the summer.

Supporters in stadia have so far been left in the dark over VAR checks, sometimes leading to confusion over what is being looked at.

But the change will allow spectators an insight into why VAR has directed the referee to take another look at offside and handball calls, as well as other infractions.

Fans and pundits alike have called for such a change, with Ifab agreeing that micing up refs is the easiest way to avoid confusion.

Ifab also considered but rejected the proposal to introduce a countdown clock into the game.

The change would have seen an independent timekeeper keep track of added time in an attempt to increase the amount of playing time.

However new Fifa guidelines will reportedly tell competitions to follow the example set at the Qatar World Cup of adding on a significant amount of injury time in bid to avoid timewasting.

Ifab also rejected a proposal to introduce temporary concussion subs put forward by the Premier League, MLS and Ligue Un.


Temporary subs would have allowed for a ten minute spell for players to be checked for signs of concussion before possibly returning to the pitch.

Instead permanent concussion subs will continue, which allow teams an extra sub to cover for such injuries.

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